Muscari Flowers

Muscari Flowers

Muscari Flower Facts


Grape hyacinth, as is commonly known..


Muscari is well known as garden plants‚ but now they are also available as cut flowers and potted bulbs for indoors.


Greece and the Middle East




This Flowers are Availble in Spring‚Autumn‚winter

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Muscari flowers or Grapes hyacinths are found in Eurasia. These plants produce spikes of blue flowers which are very much similar to bunches of grapes. These are low plants having a dense spike like clusters of nodding small flowers which are usually of deep blue color. The flowers of Muscari belong to the family of Liliaceae and are popularly known as rock - garden plants.

Facts about Muscari Flowers:

The plants of Muscari are self-fertile and can be grown very easily; it is for the same reason that they are very popular for cultivation purposes.

The flowers of Muscari which are small, inflated and of blue color are actually sterile; the fertile flowers are present in the inflorescence. The flowers which are sterile are smaller in size and are present at the apex of the inflorescence.

These flowers arise from the liliaceous plants and hence have a different character and very interesting as well.

These plants have roots in the form of bulb which keep on increasing yearly and result in a strong stock. It is for the same reason that they could easily spread across the field like a weed and give rise to a new plant instantly.

The leaves of the plant are like a vernal squill, narrower and neater thus stout in texture.