Moluccella Flowers

Moluccella Flowers

Moluccella Flower Facts


Bells of Ireland, as is commonly known..


Moluccella is bell shaped calyxes enclosing the tiny real white fragrant flowers inside them.


Syria and Eastern Mediterranean.




This Flowers are Availble in All seasons

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The genus of Moluccella comprises of four species of both the annual and the perennial plants which are short-lived. These belong to the family of Mint and Labiatae. These flowers are mostly the native to Indian and Mediterranean region.

Moluccella flowers are also known as Bells of Ireland and Shell Flowers. These plants are upright, tall and attain a height of nearly 1meter or more. The leaves of these plants are toothed and small having flowers of white color with spicy or peppery fragrance. The flowers of Bells of Ireland are white bell-shaped but their foliage is white-veined green.

Meaning of Moluccella Flowers:

The Moluccella mean Good Luck; Luck of the Irish and Whimsy for the same reason that they are best suited for every occasion.

Due to its green foliage the Bells of Ireland are used for the decoration in St. Patrick’s Day arrangements and they also have a close association with the zodiac sign Libra.

Facts about Moluccella Flowers:

The plants of Bells of Ireland are amazing as they require moderate fertile, moist but well-drained soil to grow. They prefer full sun for their proper growth.

They are very beautiful having an unmatched grace which is why they are used for decorative purposes. They are also used for weddings and other auspicious occasions too. The fragrance of the flowers is used for making perfumes.

Bells of Ireland carry a classic beauty which is why they are all time favorite and it for the same reason they look equally good in dry and fresh water arrangements too.