Marguerite Flowers

Marguerite Flowers

Marguerite Flower Facts


Marguerite, as is commonly known..


Marguerite are Often available as small bushes or potted plants.




White, and sometimes pink or yellow.


This Flowers are Availble in Summer

Botanical Name:

Chrysanthemum frutescens

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The flowers of Marguerite are botanically known as Chrysanthemum frutescens. The meaning of frutescens is shrubby. These flowers are very much similar daisies who are botanically Leucanthemum. These flowers are native to Canary Isles and avai lable in variety of colors including pink, yellow, blue, especially in the months of summer they bloom extensively.

Meaning of Marguerite Flowers:

 As the flowers of marguerite are a symbol of purity and ignorance, it is for the same reason that they are used to express the gesture of love, affection and respect.

Facts about Marguerite Flowers:

Marguerite grows in summer season when there is less rainfall it is for the same reason that they also known as thunder flower in some regions. The propagation of these flowers is carried either through cuttings or by seeds. The propagation of the plant is carried out in the spring season while the seeds are laid in the late autumn months.

The length of the flower stalk is 3-4 inches which is slightly longer than the leaf itself. The flower of Marguerite comprise of two flowers in itself like the ray floret and the disc floret. Ray floret is the colorful flowers which are present on the periphery while the disc floret is the small flowers that are arranged in the center.
These flowers can be easily grown in the garden to give a colorful and vivid look.