Lisianthus Flowers

Lisianthus Flowers

Lisianthus Flower Facts


Eustoma, as is commonly known..


Lisianthus has been one of the most popular flowers exhibited by the Flowers & Plants Association


Exas and Mexico


Purple, cream, pink, also pale green


This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

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Lisianthus is a genus with just 3 species which belongs to the family of gentianaceae. It is widely seen at warm regions of south of America, Mexico, Caribbean and northern South America. Few common names of Lisianthus are Prairie Gentian, Texas Bluebell, Tulip gentian, Bluebells and Lira de San Pedro.

Scientific name of the flower is Lisianthus russellianus and mostly known as Eustoma which in Greek means beautiful mouth. Lisianthus is also a Greek name derived from two words lysis which means dissolution and anthos meaning flower. It is also said that they symbolize for appreciation.

The flower is very famous in Horticulture as an ornamental as well as a pot filled indoor decorator and as a cut flower. It is available in various colors from white, light and dark pink, deep purple to lavender. They exist as double and single flower varieties too. Mostly their shelf live is up to 10 days of time.