Limonium Flowers

Limonium Flowers

Limonium Flower Facts


Sea lavender, as is commonly known..


Limonium flowers look stunning en masse‚ by themselves or as an ideal filler.




Shades of purple and pink.


This Flowers are Availble in Summer

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Limonium is a flower with 120 species genus. It belongs to Plumbaginaceae family. It is highly diversified from the east of Canary Island to the central Asia through Mediterranean region. Few other names for Limonium are Sea Lavender, Statice or Marsh Rosemary. But they are not related to either rosemary or lavender irresoective of their identical names. However, it has only 3 native varieties in the American continent. Several species flourish in saline soil conditions since mostly located near coastlines and salt marshes as well as saline, gypsum and alkaline soils in the interior regions.

Several species are well known garden flowers and they are named by the gardeners as statices. The name Limonium flowers name is derived from the Greek meaning “meadow”. Florists use these ‘sea lavenders’ as space filler in bouquets. Usually they grow up to 20 inches and added purple and lavender tones to gardens.  They are mostly ideal for wreathes and other occasions because of their suitability for dense volumes.