Lily Of The Valley Flowers

Lily Of The Valley Flowers

Lily Of The Valley Flower Facts


Convallaria, as is commonly known..


Little white bells arranged up a short delicate stem.


Asia and Eurppe




This Flowers are Availble in Spring‚Summer winter

Botanical Name:

Lily of the Valley

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  • Found at cool temperate of Northern Hemisphere of Asia and Europe, Convallaria majalis as commonly known as lily of the valley which is a sweet scented flower.
  • It is also known as May lily, Our Lady’s fears, Conval-lily, male lily and muguet etc.
  • The lily of the valley flower implies “return to happiness”. Its scientific name majalis denotes ‘belongs to May’.
  • Traditionally lily of the valley sold in France on the day of 1st of May. It was first cultivated in the year of 1420 and mostly available in April and May.
  • Lily was remained as floral emblem of erstwhile Yugoslavia and which is also became national flower of Finland in the year of 1967.
  • Almost all parts including the berries of the lily of the valley are extremely poisonous since advised not to be handled without prescriptions from a medical practitioner.
  • Currently being used as restricted herbal remedy in continuance as a folk remedy.
  • When touched or handling the hands should be cleaned thoroughly