Lily Flowers

Lily Flowers

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Lilium, as is commonly known..


The lily was the holy flower of the ancient Assyrians




Red, yellow and purple.


This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

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  • Lily flower belongs to the Liliaceae family which comprises a genus with 110 species.
  •  It is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants blooms out of bulbs which are with large prominent flowers.
  • They hail from northern temperate hemisphere; their range extends up to northern subtropics.
  • Lilies form an important set of garden flowers and important both culturally and literature across the world.
  • Species found in the genus Lillium are considered as true lilies.
  • Quite few others carry the name Lily commonly but are not related with the original. 
  • The name is derived from Latino-Greek and the Greek name refers to true and white lilies are illustrated by the Madonna Lily.
  • They spread into both old world and new world where the former identify much of Europe, Asia to Japan, India and south of Philippines where as later is identified with Southern Canada to most of the United States