Lilac Flowers

Lilac Flowers

Lilac Flower Facts


Lilac, as is commonly known..


The cut flower is far more glamorous than the shrub with long branches laden with flowers.




White, mauve, violet or pink.


This Flowers are Availble in Autumn‚Winter

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  • Lilac flowers belong to olive family as a genus with a 20-25 species mostly seen in southeastern Europe to eastern Asia.
  • It is cultivated in temperate areas.
  • Their usual color is shade of purple (a light purple color) but also seen in white, pale yellow, pink and dark burgundy color.
  • At temperate zones they are mostly located in shrubs and gardens.
  • Besides as garden flowers tea also can be from lilac’s leaves, flowers and thinner branches.
  • Various languages including European and Asian mostly similar to the root word of Lilac.
  •  It considered as symbolic to love. Poets have referred the name in their contributions.
  • There are few festivals celebrated across North America as Lilac festivals.
  • They usually bloom for few weeks only. They are also used to produce fragrance and perfume soaps.
  • While blossoms are taken perfect care they prolong intoxicating smell weeks together.
  • In against the belief of blossoming every other year or so it is better to remove spent blooms and hence to get ensure budding for the following years of flowering as opposed to creating seeds.