Leucospermum Flowers

Leucospermum Flowers

Leucospermum Flower Facts


Pincushion protea, as is commonly known..


Leucospermum are very strange looking flowers‚ almost like plastic pan scrubbers


South Africa


Shades of orange.


This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

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  • Leucospermum is a flowering plant with 50 species of genus in the family of Proteaceae which is a native of South Africa and its neighbor Zimbabwe.
  • They are usually seen occupying various landscapes of scrub, forest and mountains.
  • Nurseries across the world grow this flower and use it as cut flower.
  • It is also said that this flower is related to its Australian counterpart genus Banksia in both appearance and evolution.
  • The word “Leucospermum” is derived from the Greek words of leukos which equalss white and sperma which indicates seed.
  • In fact the seeds are black but coated with white thickset of skin and attributed with Praecox for early flowering.
  • Generally this flowering plant is vulnerable to ground environment as they are prone to various diseases.
  • Prevention of such occurrence can be including receiving direct sun light, drained soil conditions, good air circulation and fast water drying condition.
  • Hybrids usually release first flowers after three years of sowing