Kniphofia Flowers

Kniphofia Flowers

Kniphofia Flower Facts


Red-hot poker, as is commonly known..


The downward-pointing flowers open from the bottom of the stem upwards‚ revealing golden stamens


South Africa


Yellow,pale green, cream and sand


This Flowers are Availble in Autumn

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  • Kniphofia flowers are named to honor German professor J.H.Kniphofia who was a professor of Medicine at Erfurt of Germany.
  • It is mostly located in South Africa and Asphodelaceae family which contains 17 genres and about 750 species.
  • The red-hot pokers range from red, orange, yellow, lime green and cream with many hybrids have been made by cultivators of South Africa.
  • Most of the species require enormous water during the budding season in order to thrive and flower well.
  •  Regular fertilizing required while they grow actively.
  •  Most of the flowers tolerate frost however winter budding should be taken care off.
  • Their presence and diversity in Africa is becoming less as travelled towards North.
  • They are located in Lesotho, Swaziland and Sudan.
  •  Outside of the continent three species are presiding and two of them at Madagascar and one at Yemen.
  • Flowers of few species are taken as trivial food items and they taste like honey.
  • They are applied in numerous medical purposes.