Gypsophila Flowers

Gypsophila Flowers

Gypsophila Flower Facts


Baby's breath, as is commonly known..


Gypsophila has many slender branching stems‚ each bearing many tiny button-shaped flowers at the ends.


Israel and Holland


Cream and pale pink


This Flowers are Availble in All seasons

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  • Commonly known as Baby’s-breath, Gypsophila flowers are perennial shrubs that feature hundreds of small white flowers on each stem.  
  • They are called so because they are used in sweet arrangements meant for new- borns.
  • Each flower is a small five-petalled white or pink one measuring 3-10 mm in diameter.
  • The leaves are straight, sickle-shaped and 3 inches in length.
  • These flowers are used as fillers in flower arrangements and bouquets to give a background to the colorful flowers.
  • Under natural conditions, these flowers wither out very quickly and hence need to be cared for if used in arrangements.
  • Gypsophilia is native to Europe and is a common garden plant.
  • It is an herbaceous, perennial plant that grows in dry, sandy, calcareous soil in stony places.
  • Propagation can be from seeds, cuttings or division of roots.
  • Young girls in the USA have their hair decorated with Baby’s-breath for weddings.