Chincherinchee Flowers

Chincherinchee Flowers

Chincherinchee Flower Facts


Chincherinchee, as is commonly known..


Their flowers‚ bell and star-shaped‚ are showy and sometimes very fragrant


South Africa


Yellow and orange.


This Flowers are Availble in All seasons

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Chincherinchee flowers belong to the family of water lilies. Their scientific name is Ornithagalum Umbellatum. They are white Mediterranean flowers.

Chincherinchee Flower Symbolism and Meaning

Chinchetinchee flower is popularly known as the ‘Star of Bethlehem.’ The scientific name Ornithagalum means ‘bird milk’ (ornithos-bird gala-milk) in Greek. Chincherinchee is the English translation of the South African name of these flowers, ‘tienkenrientjee.’ The Chincherinchee flowers are mainly considered symbols of Purity. They are also used to signify Hope. Hence, they are widely used in weddings and other romantic occasions. Reconciliation and Atonement are two of the other expressions associated with these flowers.

Chincherinchee Flower Facts

  • The flower head resembles a six-edged star.
  • The flowers are bright white in color.
  • The other names of the Chincherinchee flowers are Arabian Star Flower and Wonder Flower.
  • Since they are long lasting, they are nick named ‘florist nightmare.’