Celosia Flowers

Celosia Flowers

Celosia Flower Facts


Cockscomb, as is commonly known..


Celosia leaves are not very decorative or longlasting and are best removed entirely.


South American and Africa


Hot pinks, purples, golds and oranges


This Flowers are Availble in Spring‚Summer‚Autumn

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Celosia flowers belong to the Amaranthaceae family. They are both ornamental and edible.

Celosia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

The Greek parent word of the name Celosia is ‘Kelos,’ which means ‘burned.’ This denotes the striking flower heads that look like they are on flame.  They signify Silliness, Humor and Warmth. Celosia flowers are believed to convey strong emotions.

Celosia Flower Facts

  • Celosia flowers are also referred to as ‘Cockscomb’ flowers as the flowers resemble a rooster’s head.
  • Few other names of these flowers are Woolflowers and Celosia Brains.
  • Original flowers are available in orange, pink, red and yellow shades, while hybrids are available in many different colors.
  • These flowers have no distinct fragrance.
  • The cut flowers can live in the vase for up to two weeks.
  • They are great for dried floral arrangements.