Carnation Flowers

Carnation Flowers

Carnation Flower Facts


Carnation, as is commonly known..


The carnation isone large flower per stem‚ or a spray carnation with lots of smaller flowers.




Red, pink and orange.


This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

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Carnation flowers have been one of the most popular flowers for ages. They are Caryophyllaceae members.

Carnation Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Dianthus is the scientific name of the plant. The Greek meaning of the word Dianthus is Zeus Flower. Hence, the carnation flowers are popularly referred to as “The Flowers of God.” However, there are debates about the origin of the name Carnation. Some say that it has been derived from the Greek word ‘corone’ meaning ‘Flower Garlands.’ Some say that it is after the Latin word ‘incarnacyon’ or ‘carnis’ referring to human flesh’s incarnation.

A carnation flower symbolizes Woman’s love and Fascination. However, as carnation flowers are available in many colors, each variety symbolizes different things.

  • Pink – Mother’s love
  • Light Red – Admiration
  • Striped – Refusal or Regret
  • Green – St. Patrick’s Holiday
  • Purple – Capriciousness
  • Yellow – Dejection or Disappointment
  • While – Good Luck or Pure love
  • Dark Red – Woman’s affection or deep love

Carnation Flower Facts

  • Carnations have a dated history when they were used as décor and art pieces during the ancient Roman and Greek times.
  • These flowers are durable and delicate.
  • Carnation is the Ohio’s state flower and January’s birth flower
  • It has a pleasant smell that resembles that of a clove.