Astrantia Flowers

Astrantia Flowers

Astrantia Flower Facts


Masterwort, as is commonly known..


Astrantia has clusters of tiny‚ delicate‚ starlike flowers.


Central and S. Europe‚ West Asia


Greenish white to rose pink and red.


This Flowers are Availble in Summer

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Astrantia Flowers belong are perennial flowers with an unusual look. They fall under the Masterwort flower grouping.

Astrantia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Even though the origin of the flower name is unknown due to its Star like shape, it is widely assumed that it could be the Greek name Astron, which means Star.

Astrantia Flower Facts

  • Astrantia Flowers can be obtained in variations of the following colors,
    • Burgundy
    • Green
    • White
    • Pink
  • They are less expensive and long-lasting options for parties, weddings and bouquets.
  • Astrantia Flowers belong to the Apiaceae family.
  • They belong well in a cottage garden.
  • The best time of their bloom is between May and September.
  • Astrantia is a popular choice of names for girls with possible nicknames of Tia and Astra.