Floral Arrangement Centrepieces

It’s more than just another activity to keep you engaged. It is a way of expressing your creativity, giving wings to your imagination and shape to your vision, when you think of creative ways to go about floral arrangement centrepieces. And more importantly, you get to impress your visitors without having to spend a penny on a floral arrangement specialist or florist.

Floral Arrangement Centrepieces:

Refuse to be Sestrained: Your centrepieces could be as unbounded as your imagination is. If you thought vases were the limiting forces in floral centrepieces, think again – they are enabling factors. Choose smaller vases and larger flowers and foliage that would seem to overflow over the brim like water from a pond atop the hills on to the falls. Your visitors would definitely know there is a vase beneath without having to actually see it.

Maintain the Stems: It may seem to be all about flowers, but what is seen on top is determined by what goes on beneath. Unless you have maintained the stems and have cleared the foliage that may end up obstructing the absorption of water into the stems, your flower arrangements may not look as fresh as they should be.

Stems in a Clear Vase: There is more to the beauty of floral centrepieces than what you may normally focus on. If you use a transparent vase that could be seen through, ensure that the stems below the surface are cleaned and arranged in a uniform pattern as you would want the flowers at the top to be arranged. This makes the floral arrangements look as professional as you would like it to be, from top to bottom.

Size, Shape, and Type Matter: Choose your flowers wisely in a way that would make them complement one another. If you go for peach, for instance, maintain colours that would be in line with the main theme or complement it, rather than bringing about a lot of contrasts. Go for flowers that would look well together, and choose sizes that may, perhaps, be larger at the centre and become smaller towards the periphery. Beauty is all about the right choices.