Fashion Jewelry

Gone are the days when women used to run after heavy and chunky jewelry sets. These days women want jewelry that is trendy, sleek, fashionable and yet affordable that speaks volumes about her class and satisfaction. Those heavy jewelry sets have been confined to marriage occasions in one's family as today's women wants the jewelry that is according to the changing time and trends.

These days, women tend to match their piece of jewelry with the outfit they are wearing. If they are wearing denims, they may opt for stone beads earrings or if they are wearing a party wear outfit, they may go in for pearls. If your outfit has a deep neckline, you can go in for a choker set but if you are wearing heavy outfit with turtle neck, it is better to wear a chandelier earring and no neckpiece. This will help in maintaining balance between your outfit and your jewelry.

Bridal jewelry:

The most important thing to keep in mind while buying bridal jewelry is that it should match with your bridal outfit and should also complement the overall look. The bridal jewelry should neither overshadow nor look pale with the outfit. Rings with squarish or asscher-cut diamonds which were quite popular in 1920s, are a hit with today's women. Rings with two-colored diamonds are also quite a rage these days.

Chandelier earrings or long and thin earrings are the perfect choice for brides as far as earrings are concerned. Traditional and heavy necklace which matches perfectly with your outfit is the right bet. For those of you who are too keen on the chunky traditional jewelry, you can go in for a sleek and sophisticated diamond necklace

Premier design high fashion jewelry:

This type of jewelry is aimed at upper and elite class as it is quite expensive. Manufacturers of this type of jewelry do not make them in large quantities. Most of these jewelry pieces come in limited edition and are quite expensive and unique in their designs and styles. So if you are among those who want their earrings or neck pieces to be unique and do not mind paying more for unique and exquisite pieces, this type of jewelry is just for you.

Indian fashion jewelry:

Though traditionally, golden jewelry is the most favored jewelry among Indian women, diamonds too have made in roads into their jewelry collection. Jewelry with antique designs like Kundan jewelry or pearls are quite a rage among Indian women. Nose pin is also one of the essential jewelry pieces for married Indian women. Be it gold nose pin or diamond-studded ones, these pieces add to the overall beauty of the woman wearing it.

Cookie Lee fashion jewelry:

Cookie Lee, who started selling jewelry designed by her to her relatives and friends in 1985, began selling her wares to the public directly through home shows, office shows and fund raisers in 1992. Her line of jewelry ranging from modern designs to traditionally classic designs, is fashionable and yet affordable.

Discount Fashion jewelry:

The trend of this type of jewelry keeps on changing quite fast. As a result, most of these jewelry pieces are quite cheap. The best thing about such jewelry is that you don't need to worry even if you lose a piece as they are inexpensive. Match these pieces with the outfit you are wearing and create a fashion statement and a different style.

While wearing jewelry, be it trendy or bridal, one thing one must keep in mind is that you should never wear too much jewelry as it will look quite jarring and distract one's attraction. Also jewelry should complement your outfit and enhance your personality so much so that no one could take eyes off from you.