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Fashion designing is the art dedicated to creation of wearing apparel and lifestyle accessory created within the social influence of the specific time period in each country. The designers create dresses and accessories by inspiring from the styles and colour suited to a particular season, skin tone and the body make up of each person. As most of us thinks, fashion designing and designer dresses are not only for the slim and beautiful models. Fashion designing can work miracles and can make the not so beautiful people to picture perfect ones by tailoring dresses which highlights the perfection in them and veils off the smudges in their natural body make over.

History of Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is believed to have started in the nineteenth century and the clothing created after the year 1858 is only considered under the category of fashion design by academics. Charles Frederick Worth is believed to be the Father of Haute Couture or high dressmaking.  Worth was so popular at the time that he even suggested the people what they should be wearing and what styles will suit them the most when most of the dress makers were doing the work in the client's way. As the century proceeded advancement of communication and technology expanded the field of clothing and fashion designing. More and more women started to notice the new trends in fashion and started to select the most fashionable and suitable cloths for themselves.

Fashion Wears

There are three categories of fashion wears or fashion designs, namely the Haute Couture, the Ready to wear and the Mass market.

Haute Couture is the practice where each piece of garment is created for the specific client, and it creates exclusive and right fitted cloths made with much attention on every details. These clothing are made from very good quality fabric and sewn with much time and by hand works. This very expensive and elegant clothing fashion promises the client to look unique and at their best.

Ready to wear are not made exclusively for a single customer but the dress is made with much care and the finest fabric is also chosen for it. These ready to wear dresses are made in a few numbers and it do promise exclusivity. These garments are usually presented by a fashion house or a fashion designer at specific times during the year. These clothing comes in such a size so that no alteration is needed before wearing it. As these cloths are promoted in limited numbers by prestigious fashion house and using good quality fabric they are a bit expensive.

Mass market clothing are produced in very large numbers around the season and are sold through garment stores or shopping outlets. These garments are inspired from the most catching style set by bigger fashion designers and are manufactured at standard sizes. As these are made using cheap fabric material in large quantity using machines these are affordable by common people.

Fashion Designing Carrier

The designing and processing of a garment is a work of a team where each specializes in different steps of the process. When one stenches the design and the color, a different professional chooses the fabric which is cut and stitched by still another individual. So garment making and fashion designing offers a wide range of jobs and carrier opportunity.

A passion for the work and a good sense of styling, fashion and color can make a very good fashion designer out of a person if they are a bit determined and dedicated. Getting a degree from some reputed fashion designing school help can learn innovative designing techniques and earn good reputation among clients and employers. Fashion designing offers a promising opportunity for personal as well as professional growth and this carrier can also be maintained as a freelancer.

Technology in Fashion Designing

Technological advancement in the field of fashion has helped in creating a much better garment at shorter time and with lesser alterations and confusions. Even the shades and fabric suited for a particular mood can be easily chosen with the help of special programs on computer. With the help of CAD (Computer aided design) software the designer can sketch and manipulate his ideas and can draw directly on the computer with the help of sensor equipped pens and special tablets.

Fashion industry is a fast growing and encompasses a very vast field of study. The fashion statements are changing each year and people are becoming more careful on how they dress and present themselves in public. Sometimes feminine dresses are on the top while bold and executive dresses are more sorts after at other times of the year; such is the change in the fashion concept among the people. So this industry is expecting a very large growth in the coming years and will indeed offer a growth opportunity for the people working in the fashion field.

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