Famous Flower Gardens in the World

Famous Flower Gardens All Over The World

There are many famous flower gardens located all around the world that are worth visiting with beautiful flower beds and amazing colors. Botanical gardens or flower gardens are generally structured by remarkable florist designs with outstanding plant selections that attract thousands of tourists and locals every year. While thinking about flower gardens, Europe is the best place to consider as it is renowned for astounding artwork and extensive gardens. Based on the availability of native species, Netherland is famous for tulips and roses are popular in London.

Evolution of Flower Gardens

  • Initially, gardens were grown for agricultural and medicinal purposes but by the end of middle ages they are considered as status symbol.
  • The earliest cottage gardens have distinct style which uses informal designs, traditional planting of flowers such as primroses and violets along with the other flowers and herbs used for household purposes.
  • Modern day designs of cottage gardens are based on the informal look that frequently use the mixture of all flowering plants, vegetables and herbs.
  • In western countries the idea of garden dedicating to flowers came into existence around 19th century and later flower gardens have evolved as best alternative places for family vacations.

The following are some of the amazing gardens specifically designed for tourists and locals and highly recommended by nature lovers as best places.

  • Kew Gardens in London: Founded in 1759, Kew Gardens in London, also called as Royal Botanical Gardens is one of the renowned historical botanical gardens in the world. Apart from the rare species of plants and tress over 30, 000 types, it also contains six magnificent glasshouses, royal palace and the great pagoda designed by William Chambers.
  • Luxembourg Gardens, Europe: Built in 17th century by the French queen Marie De Medicis surrounding the Luxembourg palace, these gardens have spectacular display of variety of flowers and landscapes.
  • Kaukenhof Gardens, Netherlands: It is a world famous tulip flower garden which opens every year during the spring time. Located in the city of Lisse in the southwest of Amsterdam, Netherlands, these gardens contain more than 7 million tulip bulbs planted annually with more than 800,000 visitors come to see this spectacular view.
  • Royal botanical gardens Edinburgh, Scotland: Well known as the center for the study of plants these gardens have more than 17,000 different species collected from all places. People all over the world visit this place to see this fabulous assortment of nearly 36,000 plants.
  • Monet’s Garden, French: Built from 1883 to 1926 in France, these gardens possess serene atmosphere with outstanding water lily ponds and beautiful flower beds. Also called as the Giverny Gardens, this place is considered as one of the top ten gardens in the world.