Family Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine’s Day is a special day in a year where people express their love for each other. This day is not only restricted to couples but also to families where every family can show their love for each other. The best way to celebrate this day is to organize a family Valentine’s Day activities. Engage your family in fun activities and make this day special for every member. Below are a few family Valentine’s Day activities that can give you ideas on how to make the best of the day.

Family Valentine’s Day Activities

Cooking a Special Meal for Parents- As kids grow up they start taking responsibilities. Children love to learn how to cook after a certain age. Children can make a special romantic breakfast for parents with foods that are related to this romantic day. Say chocolate cookies, strawberry shake or cakes. Children can make a Valentine’s Day menu where parents can choose. This is a fun activity for kids and a good way to start the day.

Family Snapshots- In this every family member have a role. These snapshots are of every family member for what they are and what they have done for each other. You can take a can or a container and write small snapshots for each other like, “Mom helped me make my first omelet”, “Dad helped Kate to bathe the dog or “Joe helped me in my assignment”. Read these snap shots and thank each other for it. This is one of the best family Valentine’s Day activities that you can have.

Family Quizzes- Another way of celebrating family Valentine’s Day is by organizing family quizzes. In this, parents prepare a family quiz on cards. Every member has to pick a card and try to answer the question. If the family member answers the question correctly, he/she would get chocolates or a small gift. The quiz questions can be like-

  • Who was bitten by a dog at the age of 10?
  • Who among us stole cookies at the age of 7?

So try and make your family Valentine’s Day activities fun.

Finding Hidden Chocolate Hearts- Finding hidden chocolate hearts is a fun activity for the entire family. In this activity, the parents or older people hide the chocolate cookies and give clues for kids to find it. Depending on the age of the kid, the clues are from simple to more complicated. After the kid is able to find the cookies, the kid gets to have it. This is a fun family Valentine’s Day activity for every member of the family.

Dressing for Valentine’s Day- This activity is for all the members. Parents can ask their kids to find pink and red dresses, shoes, bows and scarves and wear them. Parents can also join their kids and wear some outfit of the same color. Make hearts of colors like red, pink and purple and add a new design to the dress. Color your finger and toe nails with red, purple and pink nail polish. Put your and your kids hand prints on the dress you are wearing with your color. All the family Valentine’s Day activities are actually fun when you do it.