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Everyone loves to look beautiful no matter what age or sex they belong to. Some lucky few are blessed by the goddess beauty and all they have to do is to get up and put on any dress to get going. But what about the other few who are not blessed with the too perfect features? Don't they have the right to look and present themselves beautiful? Well every one of us can look gorgeous; yes really gorgeous indeed if a little time is spent on how we present ourselves. Make up and good choice of dress can always make a person look good and more beautiful but that never completely hides the flaws ikn your face or projects the best features in it. So what is the best option to make you really look good? Well hairstyle is an answer, it can do wonder job on everyone and anyone; it can make a princess out of a plain gal if chosen wisely, and only if chosen wisely.

Choosing the hairstyle best suited for your face and its shape can do magic on you and makes you look a different person instantly. Each face has a couple of hairstyles that can highlight its beauty and a couple of never dare to try hairstyle which might back fire bring out all of the not so perfect features. The face hairstyle which may go perfectly well with one face may be a disaster on the other. So it is always better to choose the hairstyle that suits your face and your mood the best rather than copying the face hairstyle that was stunning on a friend of yours. So how do you know which one to choose? Well everything depends on the shape of your face, and the features in you that you would like to present out.

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How To Know The Shape Of Your Face For Face Hairstyles:

Well the sad part is that most of us don’t know the exact shape of our face. We may describe it as a 'well, it is a sort of… mmm… long or oval' or as 'I think it may be round'. Knowing the correct shape of your face can be simple.

After taking a hot shower in your bathroom you can wait a few seconds until the steam on the mirror starts to settle. Trace the shape of your face on the mirror and try to guess the shape or you can trace the shape on the mirror using an old lip stick and drape it with a towel and show it to as many of your friends and ask them to guess the shape.

There is also another way to determine your face shape which is a bit more accurate. Take a measuring tape and note down the measurement of your face across the top of the check bone, across the jaw line at the widest point, the widest point of the fore head, which will fall somewhere between the eyebrows and the hair line and the tip of the hairline to the tip of the chin.

If you have the length of the face equal to one and a half times the width; your face is oval (lucky you). If the length and the width of your face are somewhat equal, that means you have a beautiful round faced. Having your face longer than its width means you have an oblong or rectangular face. If you are having a narrow jaw with wide check bone and/or forehead, then you are having a heart shaped face. You have a square face if the length and width of your face is equal but the face is more angular than round. And if your face is diamond shape if you have a narrow forehead and narrow jaw and has a wide cheekbone.

Easy Face Hairstyles that Fit Your Face

After you have found out the exact shape of your face, you can choose the best face hairstyle for you, which can flatter the shape of your face. But also take the texture of your hair, its thickness, length and your comfort into consideration before you make the decision on the face hairstyle. Long hair makes the face look very slim and short haircut will make your face look heavier.

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Oval Face Hairstyles:

Oval faced people are the luckiest ones and almost all face hairstyle go on with them flattering the beauty of their face. Wear a hairstyle that stay away from your face as you don’t want to cover the beautiful and proportionate face. Wear it long short or medium you are going to look too perfect. Long beachy waves and sophisticated bobs always flatter the beautiful shape of your face.

Round Face Hairstyles:

Try a hairstyle that can give an elongated appearance to the face. Choose the ones that give height at the crown that gives a feeling of longness. You can try an off centre part with a little hair falling across your face to cover the roundness. Try layering your hair under the chin but very short hair cut or blunt cuts are not very flattering on round face as it makes the face look larger. If you are having a curly hair, never ever try a short hair cut as it will make your face eve more round.

Oblong Face Hairstyles:

Try medium and short length hairstyles with wispy bangs to soften the shape of your face. Layers and fringes also go best with this face shape. Brow skimming bangs and chin length bobs are very flattering for oblong face and will give a look of width at the sides. Never wear very long hair as it makes the face look very long but if you insist on long hair try to cut it in V shape so that a few locks Falls at the length of the chin and the ears. Adding waves or curls to your hair can also help to give the effect of width.

Heart Shape Hairstyles:

Chin length bobs and layered long hair goes well with heart shaped face. Try face hairstyles that add width at the jaw line by hair that falls below your jaw line. Heart faced people should avoid choppy and short layers which will highlight their prominent chin. Swept back style and raised crown styles are don’t do for these people.

Square Face Hairstyles:

Short and medium length hair goes well will the shape but avoid straight long hairstyles. The square shape can be soften and rounded by waves and curls on the hair. Try style which gives a height at the crown to give a longer look t the face. Straight or layered bobs ending at the jaw line is not very flattering for these people as it brings forward the breadth of the face.

Diamond Face Hairstyles:

Diamond face can be very beautiful in many number of face hairstyles. Try the ones that bring out the beautiful cheekbones by hairstyle that does not leave too much hair on your cheeks covering it. You can try short hairstyle with some weight in the nape of your neck to balance your cheekbone. Diamond face can give an illusion of oval shape if the wide cheekbones are a bit camouflaged and the crown is given a feel of width.

Virtual Face Hairstyles:

The suitability of the hairstyle always depends on the person trying it, their face shape, profession and comfort. So never try to copy the one that might have looked good on your friend or someone on the television. Try the one that looks as though it was specially made for you and that which flatters the features of your face and hides the small flaws it making you look like an entirely new and made over person.

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It is not just the shape of your face that can be dealt with by the correct face hairstyle; you can even minimize the facial flaws like prominent nose, big ears, double chin or small eyes with the right style. Choose the perfect one that is best suited to your face to look more beautiful than you are right now.. Hair dressers can help you to choose the right one for you but do give them your suggestion and tell them what you are comfortable in. Just see how this new face hairstyle impresses your boyfriend or your spouse. So get out of you boring plain hairdo and choose the best one for you the next time you go to your hair dresser and do make it fast as good things should not wait.

How to choose Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

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