Engagement Rings

A wedding day is an incomparable moment of one's life.

  • In Western countries, it is a tradition when a woman wears a ring on her ring finger of the left-hand then it indicates that she is engaged to someone with whom she will tie the knot of marriage in coming days.
  • It is habitual for the ring to be worn on the right-hand ring finger in certain countries such as Poland.
  • By modern convention, the ring is generally offered as a ever-remembered gift by the gentleman to his future bride while his marriage proposal gets accepted by the would-be bride.
  • It shows a recognized conformity to future wedding.
  • In the United States & Canada, nowadays it is becoming vogue, that a woman would definitely purchase an engagement ring for the man with whom she will knot the auspicious tie during engagement.
  • In countries like Sweden, Germany, Brazil man and the woman both may prefer engagement rings. The engagement rings of the man often serve as the wedding ring in those countries. Some men wear two rings, but it is not common.
  • The female is occasionally given a diamond wedding ring.
History of Antique Engagement Ring

An "antique" engagement ring exclusively refers to one over fifty years old.

  • For the most unique and appealing rings, check rings made before 1950.
  • Most jewelers’ use the term “vintage ring” meaning an old ring, others use it to mean a ring that was made to look like it was from another period; for example, a ring made in 1940 that has the filigree look of the Edwardian era. Sylvias Antique Jewelry has got some in their collections like the Vintage Platinum Wedding Ring.
Unique engagement ring
  • The engagement rings specially designed, known as unique engagement ring, are among the priceless gifts that can be given in an engagement. Many jewelers have come up with this sort of idea.
  • These rings are designed from gold or platinum and have a diamond or other costly stone engraved. Cartier, the famous jewelers designs these unique engagement rings in different animal shapes.
  • Krikawa, another best selling designer, uses different stone and of again other designs.
  • With the equipments accessible today it is amazingly uncomplicated to design an engagement ring.
Online sales of designer engagement ring
  • There are some online jewelry stores that let you design your own engagement rings. Blend and match stones and shapes, transform diamond shapes and sizes and ring settings.
  • There are a number of websites which sell engagement rings that have a segment which enables to design an engagement ring.
  • Many of the websites have an excellent interactive tool to help you choose the shape and size of the diamond and other stones, and create the perfect ring setting.
  • Few Jewelers have very successfully developed the websites for their customers like :
  • Mondera,
  • the Shane Co.,
  • Blue Nile,
  • Kay jewelers
  • Cartier jewelers.
  • Kay Jewelers is a division of Sterling Jewelers Inc., headquartered in Akron, Ohio.

Together with Signet Group plc, the London-based parent company, they are the largest

specialty retail jeweler in the world.
  • As the no 1 specialty jewelry brand in the United States, Kay offers the finest jewelry at a great price.
  • They are also fully committed to providing a superior shopping experience - both in stores and online.
  • The sales staffs there are empowered with the knowledge to help out every customer, while the website offers an Educational Centre where their customers can learn more about jewelry.
  • The Shane Company or Shane Co. is the largest privately held jeweler in the United States.
  • The company is a direct diamond importer retail jewelry chain founded in1971 by Tom Shane.
  • The Colorado-based business house sells bridal and fashion jewelry with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls.
  • The company promotes its products 24 nationwide stores and website by means of a long-running campaign of radio commercials featuring Tom Shane and his readily identifiable style of speaking, followed by an announcer that gives directions to the stores nearest the listener.
  • The company also positions itself with its venerable slogan, "Now you have a friend in the diamond business."
Wedding dresses
  • A wedding dress or wedding gown is the clothing worn by a bride in the wedding ceremony.
  • Color, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. There are numerous stuffs that we need on our own on our wedding day.
  • In general, Bridesmaid dresses are designed to be more womanly and held in reserve enough in their design to be suitable for church or synagogue.
  • Particularly women like to purchase exclusive and eye-catching dresses for their weddings.