Engagement Party

How to Throw an Engagement Party

When your kin or loved ones decide to tie the knot, it's quite a natural that you would like to celebrate with a magnificent engagement party. Since its being a special fete, so be sure to follow few simple tips and rules to make the engagement party a success.

Engagement Party Invitations

As the couple gets to commemorate the important threshold of their life along with their loved ones, it may include their family members, friends and relatives. The guest list generally consists of family members of the groom and bride and close friends, but the party can be as grand and mini as you wish, according to your budget. After deciding who you're going to invite, it's imperative to send the invitations. You can use the eInvite.com to order fabulous engagement party invitations. If the party is being catered, make sure to go through a discussion on the invitation for a feedback to keep track of numbers. It would also be a great idea to inform your guest about the appropriate dress for the occasion.

Engagement Party Decorations

  • Without colorful and enthralling decorations, no party is complete. For a pious event like an engagement party, the perfect choice of decorations becomes even more significant. After all, it is the most mesmerizing and significant occasion in one's life, next to wedding.
  • Selecting an engagement party theme will transform it into a memorable event. Once done with the selection of a theme, you can decorate in tune with the theme.
  • For a 50s, 60s or 70s ancient look, decoration with purple, lime green, hot pink and yellow is the best fit. If you wish to go Hawaiian select bright shades viz. yellow, greens and blue. For a Mexican theme, blue, gold, and purple will do with a candy filled pinata for a tincture of fun.
  • Balloons, confetti, streamers, candles and party poppers are the stylish way to decorate the party venue.
  • For a romantic theme, pastel colors and use of tulle or organza to cover the tables, chair backs, ceiling and stair railings will collaborate to make the venue sizzle. Scatter rose petals and sparkles all over the tables and illuminate the venue with twinkling fairy tiny lights.
  • Fabulous range of party articles and disposable cutlery and plates will let your imagination go wild and choose items that go with your theme!

Engagement Announcement

If you are out to break with tradition, it's imperative to announce your engagement to the bride and groom's parents first. An engagement party is a great way to announce your engagement to family members, close friends, peers.

Engagement Party Games

  • Engagement party games enable the environment to warm up and make it a souvenir event.
  • The first game of engagement party should provide the guests with an opportunity to mingle with each other. This would make the party more light and enjoyable. To play an engagement party icebreaker game divide all guests in pairs. Then allow few minutes to know each others partners and make them scribble 4 to 5 facts about his/her partner. This game will allow your guests to get mingle with each other.
  • After this you can start a game based on the theme of the party. The game is all about asking the future bridegroom about one another.
  • Another identical game is to collect some personal information about the couple and then conduct a trivia quiz contest on the basis of those pieces of information. In this guests will be asked questions about the couple and the winner will be the person who can answer maximum number of correct answers.
  • You can also play a game that engages the close relatives and friends of the bridegroom, who are well aware of them and can narrate exciting and curious facts or stories about the bridegroom. This would transform the entire ambiance of engagement party into laughter.
  • Another thrilling game is to ask the couple to engage in some activities. The activities should be a bit funny and recreating and should provide everyone with the opportunity to laugh.
  • Diamond ice breaking is also one of the most famous games to play, where the guest are handed over some ice cubes, which they have to cut into the shape of a diamond.

Engagement Party Menu

  • The selection of menu will be again in tune with the engagement party idea and theme of your party, and the number of guests being invited.
  • For a casual affair, select a potluck, buffet, or barbecue where guests bring with them a small plate of meal.
  • If you choose to organize engagement party at a restaurant, hotel or club, you can select the meal keeping in view your tastes and budget. The catering manager may also assist you to select a menu that's within your reach and suits most people's tastes.

Fruit punch, beer, spirits or wine?

You need to provide a range of different mixers but they can be very expensive. A range of fine quality brands of beer, good wine and a range of mineral waters or soda generally satisfies palates. A self-serve bar can also be a good option at an informal gathering.  You can hire professional staff to make and serve drinks. And ensue that you have champagne if you are going to have toasts.


  • Serve shining wine with an ordinary tray of lemon-accented crudités and baguettes accompanies by tapenade.
  • Follow the appetizers with great lobster bisque which the seafood lovers would relish and roasted cauliflower soup for a bit lighter mood.

Main Course

  • Lemon rosemary chicken (roasted) is an awesome option as most people relish poultry delicacies and the go so well with varied range of side dishes.
  • You can serve orange vinaigrette glazed beets and winter squash puree for festive side dishes.


If you are looking for general preparation make a collection of sorbets a day before the party to serve them with chocolate truffles on the engagement party.

Engagement Gifts

  • The giving of engagement gifts are based on cultural, social, geographical and ethical traditions. Tradition suggests that engagement gifts are not imperative but it is not avoided either.
  • If you specifically did not like your guests to bring gifts, it would be better to mention it in the invitation.
  • You should wait till celebrations are over to open up any gift you receive, so as to catalogue them and shoot a thank-you note.

Engagement Party Favors

Favors have always been a part of party as they express the thankfulness of the host to the guests. Moreover, it comes under the ambit of engagement party etiquettes and these small gifts items remind the invitees of the fabulous quality time they had spent in the grand party. In engagement party, favors become even more important, because they are decent and generous gestures to enjoy the engaged couple's commitment in life.

If you wish to present your guests with a memoir gift, something with the date of your wedding is a great idea. An attractive tag or sticker with your wedding date can be attached to a colorful and cute candle, a gift box filled with chocolates and candy, or separate scented soaps.
For grand engagement party favors you can check online at ShindigZ. They offer a wide range of party favors and personalized items.