Egyptian Jewelry

The ancient Egyptian jewelry not only symbolizes prestige and eminence but also used as aesthetic adornment and religious protection against evil spirits. Even though gold, silver and a trace amount of copper called electrum were the primary metals utilized by ancient Egyptians in their jewelry, they also made copious use of different alloys of metals, minerals and a various precious gem stones in an incredible range of colors.

Wonderful Range of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry:

Originally, many jewelry items such as bracelets, brooches, clasps, coronets, girdles, and earrings were first instigated as functional items but later they were used extensively for decorative purposes.

The unique ancient Egyptian jewelry included in their collection were amulets and finger rings made of precious stones and gold-foil bands, pectorals to elaborate breast decoration, unique headdress with flexible stands of gold beads, gold plated vests and scarab rings (symbol of rebirth) made with small strings of beads and gold foil bands etc.

Though Egyptians had many beads and precious stones to use in their jewelry, they preferred to emulate colors and textures with polychrome glass and faience. They are also associated with some specific gemstones with spiritual significance and symbolism.

Jewelry coloration was considered as very important by the ancient Egyptians as each color represented a different symbolic meaning. For instance, green color symbolized fertility and success of new crops, blue for royalty while red color represented power and energy.

Specific soft germs like Lapiz lazuli, jasper, carnelian, malachite, garnet, turquoise and opal were highly coveted and used all over ancient Egyptian jewelry. The sacred charms and bracelets made of gold and silver with representations of animals, ankhs and pillars were believed to ward off evil, protect against diseases, invoke the blessings of gods and goddesses and renew life.

Contemporary Egyptian Jewelry:

Many fundamentals of Egyptian jewelry were established at the very beginning of Egyptian history rapidly changed over time and contemporary representations came into existence.

Most of the modern Egyptian jewelry borrowed the styles from ancient art work and derived lines, colors and images with similar approach to the primeval jewelry.

Some of the common examples of modern Egyptian jewelry are Cartouches, Evil Eye, Ankh or Key of Life, Isis, King Tut, Papyrus, Lotus flower, Eye of Horus, Lotus Flower, Sacred Scarab etc. Among them Cartouche is the most popular style that can be personalized with names, English phrases or Arabic hieroglyphics.

The ancient artifact jewelry in intricate designs and vibrant colors inspired by Egyptian queens like Cleopatra and Nefertiti are still in demand blended with ultra modern interpretations.