Easter in USA 2016

Date of Easter in USA 2016 - 27th March Sunday

Easter in USA has its own way of specific celebration though the spirit of the occasion has same semblance. American Easter celebration brings festivity and exploration in the United States of America. The people of the USA like to add traditional warmness with modern stylistic features in Easter. Hence, Easter turns as magnificent festival in the USA. The people of the USA never forget to honor the main spirit of the festival. Therefore, American Easter is like a beautiful combination of holy faith with modern stylistic entertainment which is celebrated by all kinds of people, children to adults, irrespective of any age bar.

Some Significant Trends at Easter in USA

  • People conduct an annual Easter carnival called 'Mardi Gras' in the New Orleans. The main features of this occasion are fun activities including parade, jazz music bands and a bumper party.
  • The Easter egg rolls game, which is very famous among kids in the USA.
  • Baked ham, potatoes and vegetables are the main dishes during Easter in USA. People of the USA also prepare hot cross buns in Easter Party particularly. However, there are lots of specific dishes, which are particularly made in the USA during Easter.
  • Easter in USA includes specific sunrise services. The main motif of these services is to include various Christian groups in the occasion for Easter celebration.
  • Egg painting in a colorful way and playing various egg games are most famous at Easter in USA. People especially children forget themselves to play this game all the daylong in the Easter.

Easter in USA 2016 – Easter Sunday

According to the USA Easter, the origin meaning of the Easter Sunday is to salute to spring and to mark the re-birth. White Lilies take good place in the celebration of Easter Sunday. The Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring was called ‘Eastre’ and therefore the name ‘Easter’ has come from there, according to USA belief.

The people of the USA celebrate Easter Sunday with a view to have their religious denominations. Easter Sunday is particularly celebrated for the resurrection of Jesus. This is the original spirit and value of Easter all over the world. The people of USA give much honor and afford to make the festival fairly grandeur from the day of Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday has more significance in the USA today. Children get up from the bed early in the morning and do indulge with searching eggs to color. Children do hunt for easter eggs in the house and whoever gets many eggs he/she is considered to win in the Easter egg hunts game.

American Easter Eggs - Egg Rolling

According to the history of american easter, egg rolling was started in the early nineteenth century by Dolly Madison. She was the wife of the fourth American President. She initiated that the children of Washington to roll hard-boiled eggs down the hilly lawn of the new Capitol building and from then the same custom has been continued in the USA till today. She made the event very interesting and cheerful and it has been celebrated with the same manner till today. Egg rolling gets traditional height in the USA with its stylistic celebration and its original motif.

Wearing new stylistic clothes in Easter is very famous in the USA and hence, people after church work go for walking around the city and this is considered important in the USA. Good Friday has also great honor and value in the USA as it is observed as a federal holiday in the USA.

Easter in USA 2016- Parade

The Easter Parade is a New York tradition and this is celebrated in a grand manner. It is considered that American Easter parade in New York was continued from the middle of 1880s. Flamboyant headgear and beautiful costumes are the main attractions of the parade.