Easter in UK 2016

Easter in UK is celebrated in a traditional style. The celebration process of Easter among Brits incorporates traditional value with modern edge. Easter in UK starts one week before the actual date. Brits show quite specific pattern of celebration on Palm Sunday.

Easter in UK has some very important trends that Brits follow every year:

  • Brits like to have yummy hams particularly on Easter Sunday.

  • Special springtime dances are performed to have exclusive Morris dance performances. These are very old traditional dance processes which are performed during Easter in UK.

  • Olney is one of very small towns in England where special pancake race is conducted on every Shrove Tuesday during Easter. This day is also called as Pancake Tuesday in England as many people enjoy a real gala time on this time.

  • Churches in England are decorated very beautifully with White Lilies. The Brits use White Lilies on the graveyard decorations too during Easter.

  • People dress up with special Easter clothes during Easter prayers. They use colorful Easter bonnets embellished with beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers.

  • Easter in UK is celebrated with special Easter parades. This parade is conducted at Battersea Park in London.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday has greater significance in the UK as it is celebrated in a customary way to welcome royalty by waving the branches of palm tree. The Brits believe that Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and hence, they welcome him in a grand manner. The Brits use garlands and crosses to decorate Palm Branches in Easter.

Easter in UK Villages

Easter in UK villages has its own charm as villagers conduct traditional Easter egg hunts during this time. Easter bunny hides for Easter eggs are special in villages in the UK where children take great part in the celebration. UK villages provide the perfect environment for observing traditional Easter celebrations.

Maundy Thursday

The remembrance of the last supper is observed in the UK as Maundy Thursday which falls on the last Thursday before Easter. The day is commemorated with great value as Jesus washed one of his disciple’s feet before having the Last Supper.

The Queen also takes part in the ritual of the Royal Maundy. This was started from the time of Edward I. The Queen distributes Maundy money to deserving people in the country.

Good Friday

Good Friday in England has greater value and importance. Brits celebrate this for the remembrance of Jesus’ brutal death on the cross. They do meditate and pray in the churches offering divine tribute to Jesus.

Morris Dancing

Morris dancing is an old style of English dance. Morris dancing is performed in some other English speaking countries like the USA and Australia. Morris dancing was originated probably in the Middle Ages and hence, this dancing is given greater priority in the UK during Easter.

Easter in UK Dress Up

Dressing up for Easter in UK is very particular as Brits like to wear colorful dresses on this day. Women in particular wear special Easter bonnets. They also wear hand-made bonnets which are specific during Easter.

Although Easter in UK has some specific differences in celebration, the main intention of Easter remains same.