Easter Tree 2016

Easter Tree has attractive and rich foliage and is of medium or small height. ‘Holarrhena Antidysenterica’ is the scientific name of Easter Tree. Easter Tree is the member of Apocynaceae family of trees.

A favorite festive holiday custom of Easter is decorating Easter tree that traces its roots back to Germany. The traditional Easter trees used to be decorated with bright colored eggs hung to the branches in a vase. Now-a-days, to add colorful touch and festival look, many homes in the front yard hang  colored or dyed eggs and other decorations on real trees to give a festive spirit to the neighborhood.

A variation on the temporal Easter Tree custom is based on the Bible. Ornaments from scriptures starting with Genesis and ending with the Resurrection will be created by many Christian families. These ornaments are made with the help of kids and they are handmade to decorate the Easter Tree.  While observing the 40 days of Lent, you can add one ornament per week or per day till the end of the Holy Week.

With this holiday custom, many families will have lots of fun by decorating the Easter tree with colorful ribbons and eggs.

Homemade Easter Tree Ornament

To make any Easter Tree ornament at home, you have to plan ahead and see how you will bring a different reason to the festival season!

Easter Tree #1

Needed Material

  • Tree
  • Miniature colorful Lights
  • Ornaments of Easter Theme
  • Silk Flowers and Paper
  • Colored Ribbons
  • Colorful Eggs to decorate

Instructions to Make Easter Tree:

  • Attach the silk flowers on the tip of the Easter Tree.
  • Now attach the ornaments and other decorating stuff like bunny, chick and eggs.
  • After decorating the Easter Tree with all the ornaments put the colorful miniature lights.

Easter Tree #2

Needed Material

  • Newspapers
  • Fallen tree branches
  • Bucket like large container
  • Easter Grass
  • Pink or white Paint
  • Sheets or quilts to hold the tree upright
  • Easter Vinyl Clings
  • Decorations to Hang on the tree

Instructions on how to make an Easter Tree:

  • First put all the fallen tree branches on a news paper and spray paint them.
  • Once the branches gets dry, turn the branches and spray them again with color when the branches gets completely dry.
  • Place the sheets or quilts at the bottom of the bucket.
  • Now at the bottom of the bucket place the branch. Allow the quilt to hold the branch in upright position.
  • Inside the bucket, cover it with Easter Grass.
  • Now decorate the tree branches with colorful eggs and decorative items.
  • By using vinyl clings dress up the bucket.
  • The colorful and lovely Easter Tree is ready.

You can use your own imaginations and ideas, and you can even take the ideas of kids or what they want to be on their Easter Tree and make an interesting and unique Easter Tree which everyone will love!