Easter Symbols 2016

Lets discover some reason behind Symbolism of Easter. Easter represents new life and the resurrection of Christ which took place the third day after he was crucified. There are many symbols that are associated with Easter but why are these specific Christian Easter Symbols are important for this holiday? The Easter Symbol Meanings are varied.

The Easter Lilies

The while blossom of Easter Lilies makes its mark in the spring and symbolize the purity of Jesus. The cross is the symbol of the victory Jesus had over death and the lamb represents the "Lamb of God". On that Palm Sunday when Jesus first arrived in Jerusalem palm branches were waved by the people in his welcome therefore, palm branches are symbol of Easter.

The Easter Butterfly

The butterfly is also considered as an Easter symbol because of its unique life cycle. It begins as a caterpillar and stands for the time Jesus spent on earth. The cocoon stage is next which represent the crucifixion of Christ. In the final stage it emerges from the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly which represents his embodiment.

The Easter Egg

The basic traditional symbol associated with Easter is egg. Children look forward to painting eggs with all types of bright and exciting colors and then spending the evening hunting for them. This is fun for the entire family. Eggs symbolize the tomb which was the emergence of Christ and the hatching of the baby chick is the symbol of new life.

This is why they were considered Pagan Easter Symbols.The use of eggs in Easter celebration existed long ago our modern day observance. Eggs were offered and accepted as symbols of rebirth. Eggs are a good illustration of Christ's resurrection. This time is used to remind children of Christ's resurrection to a new life, just like eggs symbolizes rebirth. Thus the Easter Egg Symbol carries a specific place in the history of Christianity.

The Easter Bunny

The concept of the rabbit as a part of Easter tradition is witnessed in the idea of the new life. Rabbits multiply fast and symbolize new life. Before the modern age, you were frequently reminded of the cycles of life via agrarian society. There are cycles of life in the Christian life as we see new birth and abundance throughout a lifetime.

The Easter Cross

The symbol of the cross is focus of Christian's celebration of Easter. It is a continual reminder of Jesus' death and sacrifice for human being. The bloodshed on the cross is ought to receive eternal forgiveness of your sins. Without shedding of blood the remission cannot be attained as all things are purified with blood.

As you consider these ideas, remember you have to teach your children what these symbols specify in relationship to the Easter celebration.