Easter in Switzerland 2016

Easter in Switzerland has its own grandeur extravaganza as Swiss people make this occasion a prolific one. Easter is a famous Christian festival. Swiss people celebrate it in a wonderful way because Easter is something more than religious point of view. Easter brings happiness and goodness to life and hence people like to celebrate this occasion in much stylistic pattern adding food, style, decoration and merriment as a whole. However, Easter is celebrated with a view to have the remembrance of the great resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified. Hence, the festival is considered very divine and pious in the Christian community. Although Easter is celebrated all over the world with same grandeur manner but there are many religious rituals which are quite different from country to country.

Different Stylistic Pattern

Easter in Switzerland has also very different stylistic pattern. Easter in Switzerland promotes chocolate bunnies, colored eggs and special Easter cakes ‘Osterfladen’ to appear in shops. The Easter Sunday in Switzerland starts off with an Easter-egg hunt. Cuckoo and baskets are very important part of the Easter festivities in Switzerland. Cuckoo and baskets are considered to bring luck in the life. The stylistic pattern of Easter in Switzerland has potential religious belief. The Swiss people use many colorful things on this time.

Typical Rituals

The Easter week in Switzerland is commemorated in an extraordinary approach with various rituals on each day. Most importantly, a Biblical Passion Play performance is conducted in Mendrisio in the southern Italian-speaking region of Ticino on this time. This performance is included Roman soldiers and horseback trumpeters which are considered purely Swiss traditional attainment. Devotees go on for a procession on Good Friday taking dead Christ and Mother Mary sculptures in hand. The Devotees consider this procession is one of the most important religious feelings in Easter. Easter Monday in Switzerland is known as ‘Zwanzgerle’ as the children play an egg cracking game. Children tend to be sportive mood on this day as they present the challenge to adults to break their decorated eggs. They also offer that if anyone can break their eggs they will give a twenty cent coin. The child will keep the coin if an adult is unable to break his/her egg. On the other hand, if the adult is able to break the egg then the child will take back his/her coin and the egg. This is something funny game among children but it is very famous at Easter in Switzerland.

One of the typical rituals is celebrated in Switzerland that includes some weeping women who keep scarlet cushions on their head and walk along the streets. They feel that cushions stand with the symbols Christ's passion. They want to carry the image of Christ how he faced brutal torture at the time crucifixion. They finely make the similar image with thorny crown and all.

Fun for Children

Easter in Switzerland is mostly famous for its chocolate cuckoos, colored eggs and special Easter cakes. Swiss streets will be full of all these things a week before the festival. Easter in Switzerland is the most important for children too as they wake up early on Easter Sunday to search colorful eggs. They search and gather as many colorful eggs they can and fill up their baskets. They feel that if anyone gathers most of colorful eggs he/she will be the winner.