Easter in Sweden 2016

Easter is a popular Christian festival across the world. Easter in Sweden has its own traditional dignity. Easter in Sweden is celebrated with religious implications like other Scandinavian countries, however, they also have own stylistic way of Easter celebration. The traditional attainment of Sweden creates a prolific festive in Easter.

Easter in Sweden is one of the most famous religious festivals. Easter carries a common religious tradition including egg painting, frivolous long skirts wearing, painted red cheeks and other beautiful drawings etc in Sweden.


The history of Easter is also significant as it started about two thousand years ago. Easter in Sweden started nearly from the 12th century. Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus as Jesus is described as the Lamb sacrificed by God. Hence, lamb is the most important traditional food at Easter in Sweden. Jesus got new life after he was crucified brutally. His resurrection is commemorated as Easter. Hence, Easter brings goodness to life according to Christianity. Eggs are also most important food in Easter in Sweden. Most importantly, eggs were not allowed in Sweden at the time of Easter when Sweden was mostly a Catholic country but now eggs are given good priority and pious feelings are inculcated with eggs at Easter in Sweden.

Witch hunts are celebrated at Easter in Sweden as it is believed that witches are in contact with the Devil. In the early 17th century in Sweden, the Church used to capture many people who were supposed to be witches and tortured them during witch hunts in Easter.


Sweden is no way lagged behind in decorating at Easter. Easter in Sweden has its potential traditional approach of celebration. The Christians of Sweden use small branches and twigs of willow or birch in their houses during Easter holidays. Easter in Sweden is called 'Påsk' and the word is derived from the Hebrew word 'pesach'. The believers use many feathers and small decorations in their houses during this time. They paint vase and other sort of equipment to show color of faith in Easter.

Easter in Sweden, people go to the church for prayers and they believe that the prayers in Easter can bring much peace to the world. Easter in Sweden brings significant enthusiasm and zeal among the believers. Easter is mostly fun and entertainment in Sweden. People like to have holiday trips and other get-to-gather occasions in Easter.

Easter in Sweden – Food

Easter in Sweden brings prolific zeal among all people. Most importantly, Easter initiates the enthusiasm of making homemade foods in Sweden. Easter dishes are very popular in Sweden. People of Sweden traditionally feast on a smörgåsbord of herring, salmon, potatoes, eggs and other kinds of food in Easter. There are many other popular food items in Sweden which are particularly prepared in Easter.

The traditional Easter feast contains wide varieties of pickled herring, cured salmon and Jansson's Temptation. Potato, onion and pickled sprats are famous at Easter in Sweden. People like to eat roast lamb with potatoes au gratin and asparagus or some other suitable side dishes at dinner.