Easter in Spain 2016

Easter brings pomp and ostentation throughout the world. It is one of the major Christian festivals that mark the revival of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion. The festival is the symbol of goodness against any fatal circumstance. Easter is not only for celebration rather it develops a harmony in religious faith. Easter is considered one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar. The festival is celebrated all over the world with many different ways. The spirit of the festival is same across the world however; there are some traditional variations to celebrate this festival in each country. Easter in Spain is also celebrated with its traditional grandeur.


Easter in Spain is a demonstration of antique rituals that present glimpses to the country's strong religious history. Semana Santa is known as the Easter Week which begins with the Domingo de Ramos and end with Lunes de Pascua. Domingo de Ramos is called Palm Sunday and Lunes de Pascua is called Easter Monday. According to Spain in Easter, the holy week has Ash Wednesday, Lent and Good Friday. Easter in Spain is marked by provincial essence across the length and breadth of the country.

Celebration in Style

Easter in Spain is celebrated in a grandeur manner. In the starting of Easter in Spain, people usually go to have a throng in the morning and children hold palm leaves as they want to be blessed by the priest on Palm Sunday. Most of the churches in Spain arrange a parade on Palm Sunday to name the arrival of Christ. Most importantly Protestant churches carry huge, leafy palm or olive branches on Palm Sunday in Spain.

Ash Wednesday depicts the sign of remorse and hence, the worshippers keep the ashes on their foreheads to mark the occasion in a holy manner. Ash Wednesday has a high spiritual potentiality in Spain symbolizing the return of Christ. The philosophy behind this is people are considered as dust and hence they have to return to this status again.

After the Ash Wednesday, Lent begins in Spain as usually as in other places. Fasting is observed on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Lent carries the happiness and festivities of Easter. Easter in Spain is celebrated highly with festive manner. Although Lent is observed same in Spain as like as other countries but Spain is very different celebrating in Almaden de la Plata near Seville.

Easter in Spain is celebrated in many places which indulge ritual specific in particular. You will be surprised watching Easter in Spain on Good Friday where San Vicente de Sonsierra in Rioja forms flagellation to carry out and that attracts crowd all over the world.

You can find worshippers, wearing crowns which made out of pointed branches. They toddle with bare feet along a symbolic path to Calvary with their arms tied to a timber bar on to which profound swords are hung. You can see this in Valverde de la Vera, in Caceres.

Easter in Spain – The Feast

Easter in Spain is also remarkable for its feast. ‘La Mona’ cake is presented on this day. “Torrijas” is also one of the famous dishes to be taken on Easter. In fine, Easter in Spain is celebrated as a gorgeous way and if you want to watch and take part in Easter in Spain, you can make a holiday booking in Spain during this time.