Easter in Romania 2016

Just like other countries, Easter is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and zeal in Romania. It is a very special day for all the Christians all around the world. Easter is marked as a day when Jesus resurrected after his crucifixion. People start their day on Easter Sunday by attending a special service in the church in the morning which is then followed by a feast.

Easter is celebrated in the same style and fashion Romania as it is celebrated around the world. But there are still certain customs and traditions that make Easter unique in a few nations. Similarly, Easter in Romania also has a few unique rituals that make it stand out from the rest of the world.

Easter in Romania

Romania consists of a few orthodox Christians and therefore Easter in Romania is as per the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Easter season is full of special flowers and the week before Easter is a special week. The Saturday is known as Lazarus Saturday followed by Palm Day or Flower Day, Great Thursday, Great Friday, Easter, The Small Fountain and the Good People’s Easter. On all of these days a special ritual is done. Easter in Romania continues for a week and gets over with Good People’s Easter which is celebrated to honor the ancient spirits.

The Great Friday which is also known as the Friday of sufferings, fall before Easter. On this day Jesus was crucified. Saturday is known as Holy Saturday and Christians go to church to attend the midnight mass. They take with them a basket filled with eggs, steak and Pasca which is blessed by the priest. Once the mass is over, people first start their meal by eating from this blessed food and then go ahead with the rest of the meal.
Holy Thursday is a day of activities as people paint eggs in bright colors. The most important color is red followed by other colors like blue, yellow, black and green. In Romania, the decorated eggs are known as ‘oua incondeiate’ which are considered to be an important part of Easter celebration. For the decoration, round and thin sticks that are made of beech wood known as chisita are used.

 Easter in Romania also includes special recipes and delicacies like Easter cake which is known as Pasca. This cake is baked on Great Thursday and is usually baked in a rectangle or a round shape. The egg shells which are used in the Pasca are thrown away in a nearby river. This ritual of throwing the shells is believed to flow to the Good People which announces that coming of Easter.

In regions like Transylvania and Bucovinia, this ritual is known as “the wetting”.  In this ritual, on Monday morning boys go to the houses of unmarried girls and if they found them sleeping, they throw a bucket of water on them. As per this ritual, girls are believed to marry soon and they give the most brightly decorated egg and Pasca to the boy who wetted them. Easter in Romania is therefore a blend of different traditions and rituals.