Easter Recipes 2016

On the occasion of easter we are packed with loads of activities of which enjoying delicious easter recipes are also part of this easter celebration. One thing that makes easter incredibly especial are decorated easter cookies. Just as Christmas cookies have become imperative in Christmas time, so have easter cookies become a part of easter celebration. There are number of great ways to adorn the Easter tradition and decorated easter cookies are one of them. Here are some tips on flashing smiles on the faces of your children or friends this easter season.

Cookie decorating can be a big fun too. Bake the cookies in advance and make them in all the shapes. Egg shaped, bunny shaped, or any other shape you wish. Make sure you have enough pastel food coloring for the frosting and also lots of sprinkles. Another cool idea will be to have your kids assist you prepare the Easter meal. Put in a special, homemade apron on them and they will love to feel like a real chef.

Decorated Easter Cookies- Many Shapes and Sizes

Decorated easter cookies can be prepared in many shapes and sizes and if you can conceptualize it you can truly prepare the same. For most people easter is associated with easter bunnies, easter lambs, easter chicks, easter rabbits, and Easter eggs.

Easter cookie cutters are basically easy to purchase at all discount supermarkets, shops, and craft shops. Or you can also make them yourself- you just need some pliable metal and the idea. If you don’t have a easter cookie cutter, just don’t worry! In fact a lot of people that are artistically gifted demeanor choose to create their own shapes out of easter cookie dough by hand, without the help of easter cookie cutter.

Start Out with Toothsome Easter Cookie Dough

The most important thing about the decorated easter cookies that you cut is its taste and looks complement each other. No one appreciates a nasty tasting easter cookie. To start with, a great easter cookie begins with delicious easter cookie dough. Yes, you can also purchase already pre-made and ready to cut dough, but for the purists out there, start with a family recipe that is either chocolate chip or of the sugar easter cookie nature.

Embellish Your Easter Cookie using the Accessories of the Trade

It's not difficult to adorn your easter cookies, just ensure you have all the accessories of the trade. They normally include, colored icing, food coloring, sprinkles, delicious candies viz, licorice, marshmallows, M& M’s, nuts, etc. Once you have gotten the cookie shape and size, allow yourself or your kids apply their creative imagination fly to make cutely embellished easter cookies. You can spot food coloring and number of cool decorating accessories and tools at your local grocery store. You can even purchase ready made easter embellishments to decorate your easter cookies, easter cakes or easter eggs.

Presentation is Pivotal

Once you’re done with your creatively designed easter cookies, ensure to show them off to the rest of the family and even distribute them to your coworkers and friends. Savor the easter spirit by displaying your delicious and beautiful decorated easter cookies.

One creative idea is to take some photographs of your embellished easter cookies and add them in your easter scrapbook, so you can always feel and look back at the delicious and beautifully adorned easter cookies that you have created.

You can also print the cookie recipe on a catchy recipe card and add a photo of your easter cookies to offer to your family and friends. Most probably everyone appreciates handmade gifts, especially when it's a favorite family recipe.

Other Easter Recipes

If you are looking to magnify your gratification of easter this year, take part in creating wonderfully decorated easter cookies. You can also count on easter dessert recipes, mexican easter recipe and other healthy easter recipes.  Some traditional vegan easter recipes for your dinner or brunch can also add flavor to your easter celebrations