Easter in Poland 2016

After Christmas, Easter is the second festival that is celebrated by Christians all over the world. This festival is celebrated as it marks the resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified. Easter in Poland is an auspicious occasion and is considered to be a very holy day.

Easter in Poland starts with a special church service followed by festivities. Here Easter is celebrated in the same fashion as it is done in other parts of the world. For every Christian, Easter is a special time and a holy occasion. Easter in Poland is a little different because of its roots related to the old traditions and practices.

Easter in Poland

As Easter is a prominent festival in European countries, similarly it is important in Poland as well. It is celebrated with the same zeal and enthusiasm. The rich heritage of Poland is seen by the way people celebrate Easter. The day starts with religious ceremonies and rituals in the church and by the way it is imbibed in the Polish culture. There are many traditions that are a blend of Christian and Polish culture which is reflected by the way the natives celebrate Easter. Other than the regular rituals, there are a few Polish rituals that make the Easter celebration unique and different.

Easter in Poland is special for everyone. The “blessing basket” is a unique tradition followed in Poland. This special basket is made a day before Easter Sunday which is a Holy Saturday. This blessing basket is filled with cake, colored eggs, salt, bread, white colored sausages and paper. It is then taken to the church to be blessed. This blessing basket defines the age old tradition in which it is believed that the forty days of fasting known as Lent gets over only once the basket is blessed. Therefore it is given the name as blessing basket. This day is a very auspicious day for Christians.

After the special service in the church, families gather to have the Easter Sunday breakfast in the morning. This is considered to be an important part of Easter in Poland. The breakfast table has a lavish spread of food with the sugar lamb placed at the center of the table. The table is also decorated with green leaves and an important part of the tradition is that since no smoke is allowed, therefore people do not serve warm food for breakfast. The natives of Poland follow an old tradition on Easter which is sharing a boiled egg with a relative on the breakfast table. A boiled egg sprinkled with salt and pepper and blessed by the priest is important on Easter.

Easter in Poland is full of unique traditions and one such tradition is the Smingus Dyngus. It is celebrated on the first Monday after Easter Sunday. In this, boys go around towns and villages and sprinkle perfumed water on girls. In the earlier times, men used to throw buckets of water on women and this tradition has got its roots from the pagan tradition.

Another unique ritual of Poland is celebrated on Easter Monday which is also known as the “Switching Day”. On this day boys switch girls with willow branches. These rituals and traditions make Easter in Poland auspicious and a fun festival.