Easter Poems 2016

Easter poems have always been a favorite of adults and kids. A very special way to start your Easter morning is writing Easter poems. Children who love writing can find this activity very interesting as this brings out the actual emotions for the festival.

There are many Easter poems that can inspire you about this beautiful festival. Easter poems can be divided into different categories like:-

Bunny Easter poems

This is a poem on how the Easter bunny originated. It includes about the bunny’s habitat as a pet or a wild creature. The bunny Easter poem also includes things about a bunny’s life. One such bunny Easter poem is:-

 “Little Easter, the comedienne bunny, 
Tried too hard at being funny. 
She juggled and she dropped the eggs 
They fell and smashed between her legs. 
Poor Easter left the stage in shame 
And thought that she might change her name. 
But then that bunny read this ad, 
"This Sunday we need help real bad." 
So EasterBunny kept her name 
And through the years has gained much fame, 
When Easter's Sunday comes each year. 
She delivers eggs and we all cheer.”

Religious Easter Poems

The religious Easter poems expresses about the writers feeling for Jesus who gave his life for Christians. The poem also includes the writer’s belief about Jesus rising from the dead after 3 days. Many religious poems express the joy of Easter and how it is celebrated. One such religious Easter poems is :-

He loved and died

“When He was being beaten and spat upon
When His flesh was being torn by the whip
When His back was scourged,
Then He saw me being baptized
and so He permitted them to do so.

When the crown was crushed into His head
When He tasted His own blood
When the thorns pierced His flesh,
Then He saw me praying
and so He killed them not.

When His cross was so heavy that he fell
When He carried wood on His torn flesh
When He wished simply to move no more,
Then He saw me in confession,
and so He got up and walked on.

When His hands were being pierced
When He hung from a cross
When His side was bleeding,
Then He said I love YOU.
and so He died.”

Easter Poems Story

Easter stories are written in the form of poems which explain the importance and meaning of Easter. Descriptive language is used so that the reader understands and relates to the poem. Many older children also write short stories conveying them through poems about how the Easter bunny originated. A short Easter poem:-


“The Easter Bunny's feet
Go hop, hop, hop,
While his big pink ears
Go flop, flop, flop.
He is rushing on his way
To bring our eggs on Easter Day,
With a hop, flop, hop, flop, hop”

Easter Play Poems

These poems include short poems that are enacted by students in the class. Some of them also use props to make it interesting. One student reads the poem while the others enact it out.

The Easter poem is pre-selected by the teacher and then they practice it before performing it in the class. The Easter poems help every child to understand the importance of Easter and how to celebrate it through such poems. Easter play poem:-

The world is filled with gladness;
The bells of Easter ring;
Each pure white lily's waking,
To welcome infant spring.


Oh, dear little children, listen,
And hear what the glad bells say!
The sweetest chime they ever rang - 
"Our Lord is risen today!"


Birds are flying across the sky;
Their songs ring through the air;
They carol of the Father's love
He shows us everywhere.


Oh, dear little children, listen,
And hear what the birdlings say!
The sweetest song they ever sang - 
"Our Lord is risen today!"