Easter Origin 2016

Easter origin, as a Christian holiday, has acquired a well deserved place in the pages of scripture itself. Many a people and disciples of Jesus, project their own unique notions and opinions on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has blossomed into the culminating event of Christianity that is commemorated on Easter Sunday every year.

Easter Origin - The Bible Accounts

Easter (often called as Resurrection Day), is the event which is the core incident and happenings upon which the entire Christian faith hinges. Paul, a Jewish leader hostile to Christians, converted when he met Jesus on the Road to Damascus.

Christ fulfilled a number of Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah by the time of His crucifixion and resurrection. These numbers alone project staggering evidence that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah. But in the early days of the church, most of the Christians were Jewish converts. Christian Jews consider the Passover celebrations to be symbolic of the time when Christ set all believers free from the penalty of sin and death.

The Pious Incident of Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Easter origin actually starts as a part of the Jewish Passover, as Christ was crucified and resurrected in Passover week. Christians believe that Christ is actually the Passover Lamb spoken of in Exodus, as He Himself became the perfect, pious sacrifice for the sins of all people. Jews who choose to follow Christ, honored this day in following years during the Passover time, but as Christianity was also disseminated throughout non-christian nations, the celebration of Easter was simultaneously coupled with pagan "rites of spring" culture. Modern celebrations are the outcome of this association.

Christ Origins in the Jewish Passover

Easter origin can be traced back to the Passover event itself. Going by the tradition, the lamb to be sacrificed during the Passover was chosen four days earlier before the sacrifice. Jesus also rode into Jerusalem four days earlier. He was crucified after that. The lamb was traditionally slain at 3 pm on Passover. Jesus whispered the words "it is finished" and died at 3 pm. One of the rituals involved the sacrifice of a grain offering, which is represented the first fruits of the harvest.

Jesus became the first fruits of those raised from the dead, according to the Apostle Paul. Christians view these matzahs as representative of the Father, Son and Holy Soul. The middle matzah was broken as Christ told at the Last Supper, This is My body, broken for you. The middle matzah is also opened and punctured as Jesus was during His crucifixion. This matzah is then covered with a white cloth and hidden, just as Christ was wrapped in linen and laid in the tomb.

Though Christmas is celebrated by all Christians and Non-Christians but its origin is yet not justified. Any solid evidence is not yet traced and established. What is the origin behind spirituality in Easter? And which of the many traditions can we observe? Still we are so spirited and all time high in happiness on Easter! Whatever our individual beliefs, we all are in need of holiday and enjoyment and Easter is the right time to grab one!