Easter in Norway 2016

Easter is a special festival that is celebrated by Christians all over the world. Other than feasting, people also go to church and attend the special service. The service on Easter Sunday is special and hence the service is longer than the other days. The service ends with a special meal that is served to everyone. Easter in Norway is not very different from what is celebrated around the world.

Since many countries have lots of Christians, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement. Easter involves many activities other than the main celebration.

Easter in Norway - Popular Activities

Easter in Norway is known as ‘Paske’. Easter here is celebrated in a similar fashion as other countries, it’s just that in Norway it is very colorful and people take a longer vacation to indulge in this festival.
As compared to other European countries, Easter in Norway is more colorful and people get more number of holidays. In Norway, Easter holidays start on Wednesday afternoon before the Maundy Thursday and get over on Tuesday after Easter Monday.

People in Norway believe in celebrating Easter in a traditional and joyous way rather than having a quite religious observation. Paske which is known as Easter in Norway is quite similar to the Greek pascha, French paques and the Hebrew pesach. Here the Easter vacations start on Wednesday afternoon and end by Tuesday morning.

Easter in Norway is very colorful defines Easter symbols like Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and Easter chicken. Here yellow is used a lot as it is a bright hue. Plastic chickens, drawn chickens, cotton chickens are all in yellow color and are commonly seen hanging on shop windows, homes, on shopping bags, newspapers and even magazines. Yathzee is another popular Easter game played in Norway.

Another interesting thing in Norway is reading detective novels and short crime stories during Easter. It is a very unique trait in Norway and during this time, many publishers bring out books known as ‘Påskekrimmen’ or “Easter-Thrillers”.  Other than reading, people watch many detective serials on television and hear to interesting stories on the radio. All these series are based on popular novelists like P.D. James, Ruth Rendell, Agatha Christie and Simenon.

Other people who are more adventurous by nature love to go skiing on the Norwegian snow covered mountains. Enjoying the snow and being away from the hustle-bustle of the city is a different way to spend Easter. Sun tanning is another thing that people like to do when on an Easter vacation. Easter in Norway is thus celebrated in a unique way.

The Easter holidays are the most awaited as friends and family members meet up. Many families invite each other for a special Easter meal. A few Easter delicacies are Turkey roast, lemon and cheese pudding and different cakes. Sending gifts, flowers and colorful Easter eggs is also an old tradition that has been followed since ages. Easter in Norway is a time for reunion of friends and family.