Easter in The Netherlands 2016

Easter in the Netherlands has its own prominent style Dutch people also celebrate this festival like other European countries. Easter is celebrated commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus was crucified brutally by Roman King Pontius Pilate. He disbelieved the opinions of Jesus that Jesus was not the son of God. He tortured him and finally crucified along with two other thieves. Jesus told that he would come again and he proved with his resurrection. Easter is commemorated for the resurrection of Jesus. Therefore, Easter is considered one of the most pious days in Christianity. As it is said above that Easter in the Netherlands has also its own stylistic importance, however, it is celebrated with the same spirit and belief. Easter in the Netherlands has slight difference in celebration manner and food items that usually Dutch people take on this day.

Easter Carnival

Easter carnival is the most important traditional hit occasion to celebrate in the Netherlands. People take fasting on Lent. Most importantly, the preparation of the carnival starts well in advance. The initiative of the carnival preparation takes place in the previous year on 11th day of the 11th month. A group of council of 11 meets at that time to polish up the carnival plans for the next year Easter. Easter carnival includes colorful celebrations with dances, parades and masquerade balls in the Netherlands. Easter in the Netherlands is celebrated in a different style as one person will be elected as prince of the carnival from each town and he/she has to take well care about the key of that town.

Sunday Celebration

Easter Sunday is very remarkable as each and every person become very calm and cool to offer their pray in the church in the morning. This is called ‘paasvuren’. On Easter Sunday a remarkable lunch is organized which includes boiled, poached or fried eggs; paasstol, butter flavored with herbs, ham, shrimps, smoked fish, eel, sweets or chocolates in the shape of eggs or hares. Lamb has also potential importance at Easter in the Netherlands. The Dutch people make many number of various Lamb dishes for this day. On Palm Sunday, children do give much importance to collect eggs because eggs play a vital role on Easter Sunday. There are many different games conducted on Palm Sunday in the Netherlands. Children go to firms to clean it as they have to find out eggs there for their games.

Celebration for kids

Children decorate stick with colorful designs and this is ‘Palmpaas’ or Easter ‘palm’. They fix this stick to a band by covering with boxwood. They also paint this stick with colorful paper, flags, egg shells, sugar rings, oranges, raisins and figs. They also make swans or cocks with dough. All these items look much pretty and colorful. Children take participation in coloring eggs. Children also play egg games like ‘Eiertikken’ and the winning strategy of this game, is to break others egg by knocking. ‘Eiertikken’ is a very popular game among the children in the Netherlands.

Many village folks in the Netherlands light an Easter bonfire on a high point and this is the sign of starting Easter. Village folks of the Netherlands also celebrate the traditional Sunday lunch on Palm Sunday.