Easter Island 2016

Easter Island is located in the remotest part of the world, 2200 miles from the coast of Chile. One of the Dutch marine captains came to this island on Easter Sunday and then he renamed the island as Easter Island. From then the island is known as Easter Island though it was previously known as ‘Te Pito o Te Henua’ in the local language; its English meaning is ‘The Center of the World’. There are three extinct volcanoes in the island and the area of the island is 63 square miles. The Dutch captain, Jacob Roggeveen found this island very interesting and lived there for many years to establish this island in the scenario of the international Easter celebration because he believed that there was a great relevance with the island and Easter as he reached the island on Easter Sunday. Easter is celebrated in this island with a very traditional touch which was already developed by the marine Dutch captain, Jacob Roggeveen. He believed that he reached the island only because of the blessings of Jesus and fortunately he reached the island on Easter Sunday.


According to the old history of the island, Polynesian travelers from the Marquesas came here first and they developed their population. Polynesian had rich culture and great artistic values and therefore Easter Island got its high level of artistic tradition and cultural values from them. However, when population increased, there were lots of problem and the government of Peru and Chile started to dominate this place. There were many devastating histories in Easter Island in particular.

Cultural Development

The cultural development of the island is very remarkable but it requires an extensive thought. Although there were a number of volcanoes in the earlier times and people were engaged in many quarrels, the cultural development had no stoppage. The people of the island made a great contribution to rich cultural tradition and values. Now, many statues are found there which carry the signature of rich cultural development in the earlier times in this island. Easter is also celebrated in this island in a traditional grandeur. People of the island believe that when they started to celebrate Easter, most of the social problems have waved off. Hence, Easter has a greater value in this island. People celebrate Easter in an esteemed custom every year.

Easter Celebration in Easter Island

There are many interesting stories of Easter Island although there is no scientific backing of all the stories. All stories are believed to be great tales of that land. Today, there is much colorful Easter party celebrations all over the island every year. People carry the values of Easter celebrations from its rich traditional background while celebrating the parties in a traditional manner. Though Easter Island is far away from the mainland, the traditional celebration of the Easter party has its own cultural importance. People carry the same spiritual image in the Easter party along with cultural values just like the golden old days.