Easter in India 2016

Just like other festivals in India, even Easter is celebrated in a grand way. Though the Christian population in India is only 2.5%, Easter is celebrated with great religious vigor. Easter in India is also considered to be an important festival just like other festivals in the country. It is a special day when people exchange gifts, attend church services and organize carnivals. 

Easter in India

Easter in India starts right after Lent and is celebrated on Easter Sunday. Easter is celebrated by all Christians in India which includes different states like Goa, Mumbai and Northeast. On this special day, many worshippers attend services in churches for rituals, special offerings and prayers. Many Christian families make arrangements for Easter festivities. People purchase brightly decorated Easter eggs. Many stores sell Easter bunnies and people exchange gifts among friends and family members. People also exchange beautiful flowers, cards and homemade cakes and cookies.

Among all the states in India, Goa which is one of the states has its origin from the Portugal colony. Goa is considered as one of the best tourist destination in India. Though it is a very small state, it follows a Western culture. Easter is a time when people organize Carnivals, songs, dances and street plays. Easter Carnival is something that has always been colorful in Goa. People bake amazing Easter delicacies like cakes, cookies and puddings.

Easter in India is a blend of different activities. People exchange colorful lanterns which is an old tradition that has been followed since a long time. Friends and family members exchange the Holy Cross once they are done with the church service. Since India has a mixed culture, different lifestyles are seen in this country. The traditional Easter recipes also vary in India.

Though Easter is not celebrated in a grand way as Christmas in India, but the Christians observe the 40 days of Lent. The Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ is observed with complete faith. Lent is a time where people refrain from eating meat or rich food. A day before Easter Sunday is Holy Saturday where people pray and go to church. During the 40 days of Lent, people ask forgiveness and indulge in good activities. The 40 days fast is broken on Easter Sunday. On Saturday, people attend the mid-night service and offer food. This food is blessed and eaten on Easter Sunday. Easter in India is a day of festive spirit where families invite each other for a lavish lunch or dinner. Easter parties are also held which includes interesting games for children. Kids indulge in making crafts for Easter.

Though India is a blend of different cultures, people continue to follow their own traditions and customs. Easter is one such festival that is celebrated with the same faith and enthusiasm as other festivals. Each festival in India has its own importance therefore it is celebrated keeping old traditions in mind. These 40 days of Lent is a testing time for every Christian so that, that person comes more close to God.