Easter Games 2016

Spring herald the come back of sunshine and warmth and it also brings one of the greatest holidays - Easter! Easter is welcomed by all, be it man, woman, old or young or adult or children. Adults visit their friends and family and eat out delicious food, while children opt to hunt for eggs left by Easter Bunny and receive great fun presents. Albeit it is one of the most popular traditional activities but unfortunately is just not enough to keep the kids busy and happy all through the Easter Sunday.Luckily, there are some other games and activities in line with this which you could put together to entertain children. So here are some interesting fun Easter activities to keep the kids busy and happy!

Easter Egg Pinata

  • Pinatas come in different shapes, sizes, and themes. As Easter is a great and auspicious holiday, so your local goods store must be having pinatas that are bunny, egg, duck, or chick shaped. You can also make your own into any shape of your choice. Fill the pinata with Easter candy which may include candy jelly beans, eggs, chocolate bunnies etc.

  • Before actually making the kids take rounds trying to break the pinata, set it up correctly. Keep at a safe height, so the whole structure doesn't come down, as it may hit someone. Just remember these tips and enjoy the game.

Pin the Chick on the Egg

  • To create this game all you need to do is, outline an egg on a piece of cardboard. You may paint the egg, or wrap it with some tissue paper to give it an aesthetic view. Then, tape some tweed at the end of the egg to have a small hoop to hang the cardboard with. Then hang it at some prominent place. Then you will need chicks. Get a few small plush chicks and put tape on their bottoms and lie them down in a box and now the game is ready to play.

  • The game is almost the same as pin the tail on the donkey. Tie a blindfold around the eyes of the first contestant and spin them around to disorient him. Then tell him he has to find the egg, and pin the chick to its top. Let the other kids cheer him on and yell out assistance as he tries to pin the chick. This game is easy to play and even easier to set up.

So here you go! These two fun and simple games, all set up easily, will keep the children at your Easter gathering enchanted and entertained. These games will not only add humor and fun to your Easter Sunday but it will also cherish memories of a great holiday that all the children will remember for all the years to come and keep waiting for that memorable Easter Holiday! Happy Easter!!