Easter in France 2016

Easter is a major festival which is celebrated by all Christians. Easter in France is also celebrated similar to the way it is celebrated in other countries of the world. Only they have few customs which are different when compared with other countries. Easter is celebrated to commemorate the rise of Jesus Christ after being crucified. France which is very famous for its food items decorates itself with some of the exotic delicacies which are a specialty of France. The Easter eggs are kept in the nests which are built by children. The article explains how Easter in France is celebrated.

Flying Bells

Easter is celebrated in different ways in different countries. But the essence of Easter is the same. The main reason for celebrating Easter is the rise of Jesus rising from the dead. To celebrate this incident which has happened in the Roman times, Easter is celebrated. Flying Bells also known as Cloche Volant in France is a major activity which is carried by locals of Easter. French Catholics have a belief that all the bells of the French churches fly to Vatican City in Rome. These bells carry the bad luck and misery of the people in the country and goes to Lord Jesus. On Easter Sunday, these bells return to their respective positions and bring along with them chocolates and eggs. Though this story is told to all the children in Easter season, the bells are actually in reality not used from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.

Easter Fish

The traditional Easter bunnies which are a favorite of children in Easter is not very popular in France. In France they use Easter fish instead of Easter Bunny. The complete Easter celebrations in France are symbolized with fishes and bells. You are most likely to come across lots of Easter fish instead of the regular Easter bunny. The Easter fish in France is known as ‘Poisson d’Avril’. This fish is first seen on 1st of April and people tend to play practical pranks on each other. One of the most popular tricks is to stick a paper cut fish on the back of as many adults as possible. Children and adults play this game with equal enthusiasm.

Easter Eggs

Eater eggs are the most famous dish of the Easter season. The Easter eggs are rolled down a slope and the egg which doesn’t roll in the process claims to have a peaceful and tranquil life. The list stone which is the surviving stone after Jesus was crucified was rolled down the tomb of Jesus. Kids enjoy playing this activity and have loads of fun while playing this activity. Another game which is played by the kids in France is the egg catching game. All the kids throw their Easter egg high up in the air. The kid who cannot catch his egg loses the game. Like that the last one egg to survive or the owner of the last unbroken egg is the winner of the game. Children get up early in the morning on Easter Sunday to go and check if they have got their Easter egg. They decorate a nest in the night and leave it in the garden or backyard.

Traditional Feast

France is known for delicious food. The country celebrated Easter by having a traditional dinner with family and friends. Some of the important Easter delicacies in France are leg of Lamb and Lamb stew. Most of the French recipes are prepared with spring vegetables.