Easter Flowers 2016

Flowers and its sanctity

  • Nothing can beat the idea of gifting decorated Easter flower basket on the occasion of Easter celebration. Easter flowers will blossom your life just like spreading their aroma everywhere. The mesmerizing view of blooming flowers will shower its freshness and softness on your life and fill it with golden charming moments.

  • Flowers are the most popular medium to pass on your positive and sentimental weave lengths to others. In fact, flowers convey the eternal feelings of your heart straight to the heart of other person. There are myriad of flowers that can make their way to Easter flower bouquet.

Significance of Easter Flower

Some flowers are even called Easter flowers in terms of the significance and coherence they hold relating to this time of year.

Easter Lily

  • Lily is most frequent associated with Easter. These white flowers spark the spiritual essences of not just the Christian holiday of Easter but also hold more traditional meaning. They are the sophisticated embodiment of reinvented life, hope and sanctity.

  • They are the native of the Ryukyu Islands in southern Japan, however the control of growth market of Easter lily currently lies with the US. Currently the most commonly found and grown Easter lily is “Nellie white”. The traditional shape of large, white, trumpet shaped flowers hold a unique significance at this time. These Easter flowers are also called the “white robed apostles of hope” and are available on altars all over during the Easter season.

  • Lilies are mostly associated with the Annunciation, or the resurrection of the Virgin, knitting them closely with the spirit of Easter.

Narcissus Easter Flower

  • Another commonly found Easter flower is the Narcissus. Other most popular flowers at Easter time are Daffodils, tulips and in Germany some king of red flowers, red symbolizing the blood of Christ.

  • As such Easter lilies make the perfect Easter flower. They merge together traditions of the old and the new, representing both worlds and means for the Easter occasion. They are also an ideal Easter gift that keeps on giving every year. Less often used flowers are the chrysanthemum, daisy, carnation, and even sunflowers have marched their way into the Easter flower tradition.

  • Since Easter is a time to give, a bright heart-warming floral arrangement can be the best and perfect gift of nature. Easter floral arrangements' styles are both formal and informal designed with Easter themes. The Easter Lily is mostly used as the main flower in bouquets however other flowers such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinths are also associated with Easter. These beautiful bright flowers are perfect to celebrate Easter, and the coming of spring or autumn.

History Behind the Fresh Lily

  • In most Catholic countries, white lilies are associated with Mary, and projected as a symbol of purity since the 12th century. In early paintings, the Angel Gabrielis is displayed offering the Virgin Mary a branch of pure white lilies, announcing that she is to be the mother of the Christ Child. In other paintings, saints are manifested bringing vases of white lilies to Mary and the baby Jesus. It is believed that when Mary's tomb was opened to show Thomas that her body had been assumed into heaven, the tomb was filled with lilies.

  • Nowadays, other flowers have joined the band wagon of Easter celebration, such as tulips, iris, gerbera, and even roses. But generally spring time colors such as yellow and orange are more popular.

The freshness and enchanting aroma of snow white lily can never fade away so is its significance on the eve of easter!!