Easter in England 2016

Easter is considered to be one of the oldest festivals in the history of Christianity. England is a country with a versatile population with many religions staying together. Easter in England starts with Lent which lasts for 40 days. Many traditions and customs are followed on the eve of Easter. Easter in England is celebrated in a subtle way and there is not much of preparation which is made during this season. It is a quiet and calm affair in England. Easter is an occasion to worship Lord Jesus and family get-togethers. England which is known for having a soft approach in their style of living doesn’t make many preparations in terms of celebrating Easter.

Celebrations of Easter in England

Easter starts exactly one week before the actual date of Easter. On Palm Sunday which is the beginning of Easter season in England, people have the customary act of waving palm branches to each other. The name of Palm Sunday derives from the Roman Period. The significance of Palm Sunday is Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. When he came, people welcomed him with a carpet of palm branches and the people who welcomed him held palm branches in both their hands. This tradition is followed in England even today. The locals of the country go in a parade holding palm branches in their hands. Churches are decorated with palm branches. They are often made into a cross and hanged on the walls.

Easter in England Towns

The town of England is the place where you will find the real tradition of Easter in England. The charming villages of England have customary traditions which are performed on the eve of Easter. The churches are decorated with fresh flowers and are cleaned up for the occasion of Easter. The tradition of Easter egg hunts are seen in the villages where people go around finding the Easter egg which is hidden. The children are excited to meet the Easter Bunny and get their share of Easter eggs. Hot cross buns which are the main dishes on Easter are the best on the eve of Easter. Some of the villages in England also have pan cake races which is a tradition since 500 years.

Facts about Easter in England

There are many Easter traditions which are unique in terms of celebration of Easter in England. Here are some interesting facts about Easter in England.

One of the most important Easter traditions in England is feasting on the yummy hams. The feast is organized in the occasion of Easter Sunday.

  • Morris dance is the special attraction where professional dancers perform on the streets by forming groups. It is a unique style of dancing where the dancers hold each other’s hands and dance. This tradition of dancing is a very old way of dancing and celebrating Easter.
  • Churches are beautifully decorated in all the parts of England. White Lilies are the favorite flower of many English churches. These flowers are also used on the eve of Easter pay respect to people who are no more.
  • Parades are a common site on the occasion of Easter. Easter parades are very famous especially in Britain and Battersea Park Parade in London is known to be the most popular parade.