Easter Egg Hunt 2016

Easter egg hunt is one of the most interesting Easter activities where everyone in the family can enjoy, though the game is especially for kids. Without the colorful Easter eggs and the Easter bunnies, the special festive occasion is incomplete and less happening; similarly the Easter Egg Hunt is also a very much inevitable part of the day.

Easter Egg Hunt Game

Easter Egg Hunt Game can be organized at an Easter Party for the children to enjoy their day of fun.  The Easter Eggs can be hard boiled eggs painted and decorated colorfully or plastic eggs with small toys, chocolates or jelly beans in it. Organizing an Easter Party and an Easter egg hunt can be easy if you take care to plan the event and to shop for all the necessary goodies and little plastic eggs beforehand. Hiding the Easter eggs and letting the kids find it in group or in single and can all be organized well to make your party a success.

Preparing the Easter Eggs for the Hunt

You can either have hard boiled eggs or plastic eggs for your hunt, anyways you ought to plan and decorate it before hand and make it all set to be hunted. If you are going for a hardboiled eggs; dye, decorate and paint them a few days ahead of the hunt and let them dry properly. You can start decorating the eggs in groups, giving each group one a particular shade of color if you want to assign points for the eggs, like 5 for  red shade, 4 for green… in this way you can give off the prizes to the child collecting the eggs with maximum number of points on it.

If you are choosing a plastic egg over hardboiled egg, you can stuff it with small  chocolate pieces, jelly beans, small toy or pieces of a puzzle or clue to the next egg( for them to find the one big one with grand prize). You can either let the goodies inside the eggs be the prize on itself or distribute it among the players in the end and then give away a separate prize to the ones who collected the maximum number of eggs at the game or the eggs with maximum points.

Don’t forget to shop for little color books, stuffed toys, colorful accessories or chocolate boxes to give away as the prize in the end of the game.

Hiding the Eggs

Hiding the Easter eggs is one of the major steps towards the game as the place where the egg is hidden makes the game interesting and going. Remember to hide the eggs before your guest arrives and keep in mind the age of the players before you start hiding the eggs, the hiding place for the 5 year group can be entirely different from the places to go with the 10 or 12 year group. The egg hunt ground can be marked inside or outside your house, find places inside the area where your players will surely find the eggs but never too soon, if the players are very small hide them in places where they won’t get hurt and somewhere they are sure to find without much hunting about. Keep in mind finding some eggs in the game will always make your players happy so you can chose some very obvious places like behind the door or at the corner to make them feel excited with every find.

Managing the Egg Hunt

Managing the game is also as important as organizing it, Easter Egg Hunt  should be always managed by someone grown up to see to it that the children might not get hurt while hunting for the Easter eggs.

Mark the boundary of the Easter egg hunting ground, is it inside the house or outside so that the child may not wander off.

Don’t hide the eggs in any places where the players might get hurt looking, never hide it on a tree or anywhere high just for the sake of making the game more interesting.

Giving away the Prizes

Easter Egg Hunt calls for prizes to the winner, you can buy the prizes for your players taking care to suit their age, it is always better to buy something suited for both the sexes, so that you won’t have to worry of the prize not being useful for the winner. Buy the prize depending on the age of the player and also make sure that you buy something for everyone who took part in the game. Make the Easter egg hunt game as interesting and colorful as you can and see your Easter Party getting successful with every egg hunted out.

2016 Easter Egg Hunt by State