Easter Egg Cracking 2016

Easter is the time for fun and activities, a time to rejoice the resurrection of Christ from death, From Easter egg decoration, egg hunt to egg cracking, decorated and painted eggs are an inevitable of the happy occasion. Easter egg cracking is very popular among the Greek than among the Americans, and this activity is carried out as a fun filled game where people cracks each other’s the brightly colored Easter eggs.

Dyeing the Easter Egg for the Cracking Game

Easter eggs are dyed by the Greek one day prior to Good Friday and the Thursday when the eggs are given the crimson red colors is called Red Thursday, or Kokini Pempti. On this day the eggs are dyed crimson red in color with a special dye for the purpose, the red color symbolifies blood or death.

The eggs are specially and very carefully colored on Thursday and the Greek takes care that their eggs are in the brightest of the brightest red color possible. The ester red eggs are then oiled well so that they shine good and shiny. The eggs are kept waiting until the Easter Sunday to start the Easter egg cracking, and are left as such with no decoration or additional painting done on the red eggs.

There is also another, more natural way of coloring the eggs; cooking the eggs in red onion can give it a bright red color. The dye used for coloring the egg for egg cracking is particularly made for the purpose and is available in the special Greek stores in the Easter time.

Easter Egg Cracking

Easter day or the Sunday after the Good Friday is the time for egg cracking. The good Friday in Greece is celebrated solemnly and the people don’t cook or does anything else on this day just as if someone of the family has passed away. But in turn the Easter day is fun filled and full of activities, the main, cracking of the previously dyed eggs.

Easter Egg cracking calls for two people, this Easter game is common in many places today though it started with the Greek and is more common there. The game is called tsougrisma by the the Greek meaning crashing or cracking together.

In the game, the people planning to play the game chooses their egg or eggs from the lot and hold it in their hand, their hand is shaped like a cup, if the top of one person’s egg is revealed, the other should do the same. The eggs are then tapped against each other to crack the opponents egg, if one part of the egg is cracked, the opposite part is the revealed, meaning the bottom of the egg is shown the second time. The two people again tap the egg against each other and try to break it. The one whose egg is broken on both the ends loses and the one whose egg faces the minimum damage wins. It is believed that the winner of the Egg Cracking Game, takes with him a year full of luck and prosperity. They can also try egg cracking game with more number of eggs and the one who loses more all his eggs loses and the one who saves many wins.

Easter is a time for fun and celebration, a time to rejoice, the resurrection of Christ from dead, so make most of it and include all sort of Easter Games on the day to enjoy it in the most traditional way. Let you child enjoy the day the way it is rather that just having a great feast..

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