Easter Egg Coloring 2016

Easter, the Sunday after the Good Friday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified on the wooden cross two days earlier. The Easter Sunday is the time for activities and festivities when children and the grown up engage themselves in different activities like Easter egg coloring, Easter egg hunting bonnet decorating and many more. Easter and the Easter egg are inevitable part of each other and the egg symbolizes the birth or the end of Lent period during which the Christians observe abstinence from different food items and luxuries of life.

Easter Egg Coloring By Children

Egg coloring is an exciting and fun filled activity during Easter when children decorate and color the hard boiled eggs to make it more pretty and attracting. Egg coloring competitions and egg hunting Games are all conducted on the Easter day to let the children have their set of enjoyment with colors and eggs.

Preparing Easter Egg for Coloring

In a saucepan take as many eggs you want to dye or color and fill the saucepan with water such that the eggs are immersed in it. Heat the saucepan till the water starts to bubble, reduce the flame and cook for 8 to 9 minutes for the eggs to get completely done.  The hot water should be replaced with cold water and leave the cooked eggs to cool. Cool the eggs properly and pat each one dry for you to start with the coloring.

Decorating the Eggs

There are a number of ways in which you can dye and color the eggs, you can color the entire egg with a single shade, make hand print designs on the egg or do a pretty little one with paints, wax pencil or stickers.

Easter color kits are available in the market and the kit comes with different colors, egg holder and stickers with which you can decorate the eggs. But if you prefer making your own dye or colors and designing the egg from scratch, you can use food color for it.

Using Food Color

In a small cup add half a tablespoon of food color and two table spoon of vinegar add water till it reaches half way to the cup. Now place the hardboiled egg in the cup and let it stay for some time, the more you leave it, the more intense will be the color. You can keep the egg such that half of it is dipped in the color and the egg gets colored till half and the remaining part above the color mix remains white. You can dip the uncolored portion in another shade of food color to get a double colored Easter egg.

You can also try making small spots on the egg with wax and then dye the eggs. As wax resist water, the spots with wax will remain undyed and you will get a uniformly colored egg with white spots where the wax had been.

Using Crayon Pencils

Little kids who are going to color the Easter egg can choose wax pencil or crayon colors to decorate the egg.  Parents or someone older can help the kids to make little designs on the egg with different shades of crayon pencil. A few cheap crayon pencils are the best ones when it comes to Easter egg decorating. wax colors are best when you don’t want a mess while the Easter egg is decorated and more over it is safer for little ones than using dye and vinegar.

Painting Easter Eggs

You can use water color or acrylic paints to color the Easter egg. Dab the paint on the egg with a coloring brush to produce the desired design. You can use different shades of paint to color the eggs. Making small spots on the egg with many colors or drawing concentric circle with rainbow colors can also make your egg look great. If you are good with your painting skill, you can go for an elaborate design like Easter bunny or Easter basket or anything else.

Natural Dye for Coloring

Easter egg can also be colored using natural dyes like tea, turmeric, beetroot, blueberries, onions and spinach. All these can be used to give different color like blue, yellow green and brown.  These naturally colored Easter eggs will be a great and greener way to celebrate Easter.

Covering a part of the egg with wax or trying rubber bands around the eggs before dropping it into dye can also help to get a beautiful Easter egg. So this Easter make your Easter egg as pretty as you can and enjoy with your kids so that they know the real excitement of decorating the colorful Easter egg on their own.

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