Easter Dinner Ideas 2016

An Easter Dinner is a very special time for many families as this is when all the members of the family, the relatives and the friends come together.  It is a time when all the family has a great time together over a traditional ham or roast leg of lamb, a breakfast, brunch, or a big Easter buffet.

Start planning every detail about your Easter dinner early to avoid the last minute hassles. There are really lots of ways by which you can add your own twist to the Easter dinner and make it a unique and sumptuous treat!

Easter Dinner Ideas

  • An Easter Dinner does not necessarily be a large spread on the table and a stressful affair leaving you sweating in the kitchen. To make an Easter dinner fun-filled and interesting for you and your friends,  consider an Easter potluck dinner party where each person will be making and bringing his/her favorite dish.
  • Easter parties are also a memorable experience for the kids. Make it all the more special for your child by making special efforts to organize egg hunts and parties for the kids. Though it may be a little tougher when your audience consists mainly of kids running and shouting at the backyard filling their baskets with chocolate eggs, but they are sure going to appreciate this gesture of love put in by you for them.

Though Easter Dinner is one of those customs that has lost meaning for a lot of people, it is not about an event of undue stress; one should realise the warmth and color that comes with the celebration.

Decorating your Easter Dinner Table

It is not that difficult to decorate a table for Easter dinner. It is nearly complete with pastel and white flowers and some chocolate eggs on the table!

It is always better to stick to the traditional tone with basic white tablecloth and dishes than inventing any creative new Easter centerpiece at the last minute. Also remember that this is the springtime and light colours and accessories will grace your table than any warm colors.

Some Must-needs for your Easter Dinner Table

  • Pastel or white table flowers, low enough for the guests to see and talk over them
  • White or pastel taper candles
  • Foil-wrapped Easter eggs

Half the battle is already won when the table is properly set. But the most important thing is to keep your stress down!

Choose a Simple but Special Menu

You need to keep things simple if it is especially a last minute Easter Dinner. Try cooking something as simple and tasty like a roast, as it will be cooking in the oven while you chat in the living room. Also this is spring and it is better keeping away from gravy, or lots of root vegetables that convey a feeling of the colder months. If you want to cook some special dishes to impress your family and friends, it can be great! But, if you want to go for a simple and lighter menu, opt for a roast. Put the meat in the oven at the right temperature and it just gets cooked! When it is Easter, lamb is the best choice. You can also go for pork or beef, if you are in the mood for it.