Easter in Denmark 2016

Easter in Denmark is a joyous occasion to celebrate. The resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified brutally is a symbolic event in Christianity. The Scandinavian country is well known for its majestic Easter celebrations. Easter in Denmark is called as Paske. The Danish Folkekirke decides the national holidays as to when Easter is celebrated and etc. It is the national church for Denmark and declares all the important religious holidays of the country. Easter is considered to be the most important religious holiday as per the Danish Folkekirke. Normally Easter in Denmark is celebrated somewhere around March or April.

Traditions of Easter in Denmark

Lots of activities are carried out in this festive mood. In Denmark, the shops and streets are decorated in a grand way so that the Easter season is celebrated in the way it should be. People are always excited about the weeklong celebrations of Easter. There are many traditions which the locals of Denmark follow. One of the most important traditions of Denmark is the teaser letter. People in Denmark send each other teaser letters.

The teaser letter is written with cut outs of elaborate words or letters which form a verse. The letters are addressed as anonymous so that the participant will not know who sent the letter. But there are dots which are put on the letter which will give a hint as to who gave the letter. They are later rewarded with either a chocolate or a snow ball.

Another tradition which is seen in Denmark is the children of the house writing a poem to one of the family member. This is done in an effort to get more chocolates of Easter eggs. This brings out the creative side of the kids also making it very memorable as it brings together the kids and elders of the family.

Easter Celebrations in Denmark

Easter in Denmark is celebrated with decorating the whole country in Green and Yellow. These colors are the most seen colors in Denmark. The decorations of the house are mostly comprised of new leaved branches and Daffodils. Like any other country, Easter eggs are the favorite of the Denmark population. There are many other decorative items too which are used in the decoration of Easter celebrations. It is celebrated in a traditional way in Denmark. Easter is the day where family and friends come together and feast on delicious food. Prayer and praises of the Lord are also and important activity of the celebration of Easter in Denmark

Feast on Easter in Denmark

The Easter feast is the most important aspect of a happy and joyful celebration. People in Denmark love having delicious food all around the year. Especially on an occasion like Easter they would never miss the chance. The traditional Danish lunch on Easter has the regular sliced meats and cheese. There are different kinds of fish which is served and also you may find lots of akvavit. Akvavit is a flavored spirit which is a must in the Easter feast. Without this the Easter feast in Denmark is incomplete. There is a lot of importance given to the decoration of the table also on Easter in Denmark. T: Easter in Brazil, Easter Traditions in Brazil, Brazil Easter Celebrations 2011.