Easter Decoration 2016

Easter is one of the most important and biggest festivals of the Christians, the festivities to celebrate the resurrection of the savior of the mankind, Jesus Christ. The day has a lot of celebration, and thus calls for a special celebration embellished with some special decorations. Easter is a significant time for a lot of joy and happiness as well as deep religious self meditation. Along with great foods and happy family gatherings, Easter decorations are a very integral part of the festivals and make the celebrations more colorful and lively, and tune the festival with ancient customs. It also adds pomp and grandeur to the festival.

Have a look at some traditional Easter decorations with symbolical significance associated with the festival:

  • When decorating your bedroom during Easter, place some colorful stuffed Easter bunnies in every corner of the room. It will change the look of your room completely.

  • You cannot have your table decoration complete without a beautiful Easter basket. You can place in it some jellybeans and chocolate bunny rabbits and place in the center of your dining table.

  • Easter color bed sheets, table covers in tune with the theme of the Easter are must by things during the Easter. Look for prints of bunnies, eggs, or even some religious motifs.

  • Fresh lilies or tulips placed in a flower vase in the drawing room will give out the message that celebrations are in the air.

  • Painting Easter eggs are a part of the traditions as well as a very important part of Easter decorations.

  • Using your creativity is the key-word when you are all set for your Easter decorations. You can use your creativity to make chocolate bunny cookies or any other shape you like! What else can be more important to decorate your dining table for your guests?

Easter Decoration Ideas


Flowers are the most important part of Easter decoration for most people. Beautiful flower arrangements are made in churches, and the most common flowers that are used are white lilies. At home, you can try anything from a single flower to bouquet decorations. You can also make an Easter wreath if you want to.


Banners are best ways to change the look of your room. It is always an effective way to get your children engaged with creativity. However, you have to be careful to avoid fire hazards as papers and glues are highly flammable.


Can you imagine your Easter without some nicely decorated chocolate Easter eggs? You can buy decorated Easter eggs that are available in shops and arrange them in the Easter baskets. You can also make your Easter eggs at home and decorate them in the way you like. Hand-painted Easter eggs are also excellent gifts for your friends.

If you like miniature eggs, get them at an affordable price. They look really stunning as well as cute.

Easter Baskets

Decorated Easter baskets are very popular during Easter. Again, this Easter baskets can be bought as well as made at home. You can make a nice Easter basket and fill it with eggs, flowers and treats and make your Easter special.


Easter is the time for not only decorating your home; it is the time for getting yourself decorated as well. Get yourself some spectacular Easter bonnets. In fact, there are so spectacular bonnets out there that some of them can be used as a centerpiece on the table rather than used as bonnets.


Easter decorations are characterized by certain symbolic decor. When Easter celebrations are round the corner, wax-embossed eggs, dyed eggs and straw star designs can be seen everywhere. Easter bunnies in varied designs and shapes, Easter hens, eggs and Easter candles in different shapes, colors and sizes are also found everywhere as a part of the Easter decorations. There are also other symbols of Easter like lanterns, windsock, bear wind spinner and Easter egg trees which can be a great choice for outdoor Easter parties. The most important of all, try to put Easter lights generously at every corner of the house to light up your Easter celebrations.